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NGC Chat Board - Simplifying the End User Experience
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We appreciate all the feedback we received about the new chat board format and will be taking steps to improve the user experience. The first step will be to simplify the chat board structure by consolidating some forums. The new structure will look like this:

NGC Forums 

Newbie Coin Collecting Questions (including moved threads from "Hey Buddy..." and "Chat Boards Questions & Issues")

What You Need to Know

US, World, and Ancient Coins (including moved threads from "Numismatic General", "Coin Polls & FAQs", "Coin Conservation", "Numismatic Events")

NGC Announcements

Counterfeit Coins

Money Marketplace

NGC Registry

NGC Registry Help and Instructions

Ask NGC/NCS  (including moved threads from "Chat Boards Questions & Issues" and  "Moderation Review Request")

NGC Journals (old format)


General Discussion

Water Cooler (only visible to logged in)

Testing, 1... 2... 3...  (only visible to logged in)



Your Posts Removed by Moderators (only visible to logged in)


Account Support

Account Merge Requests (only visible to logged in)

Completed Merge Requests (only visible to logged in)

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On 10/25/2020 at 11:35 PM, GoldFinger1969 said:

Dena, curious..how many daily/weekly posts with the current layout vs. a few years ago with the old style ?

Sorry for the late response. I couldn't say without doing some serious digging. I don't have access to the old boards so I would have to search for historical metrics.

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1 minute ago, dena said:

Sorry for the late response. I couldn't say without doing some serious digging. I don't have access to the old boards so I would have to search for historical metrics.

Don't bother, just figured if you had the information at the ready it might be interesting to know.

Activity and quality of posts seems to be trending up, that's a good sign. xD

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Dena.....could you enable the site to allow for PDF & Word attachments ? 

They pale in size compared to pictures/JPEGs for the most part and they are relevant to some of the research and debates in various threads.

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IMPROVED READING/ACTIVITY EXPERIENCE:  This might be better in any NGC Suggestions Thread (if one does exist)....but it would also improve the learning experience here if more threads like the RWB Saint DE Thread were pinned at the top along with other critical or important threads. 

Pinning could be permanent or temporary.  Should be pretty easy for Mods or others to decide on the merits (54 pages qualifies, I think xD).  Could also do it for recent weekly/monthly most actives (a daily active pin isn't needed as any thread active daily should continually stay on Page 1 of the US COINS section).

NGC Accouncements, What You Need To Know, and Counterfeit Coins can be moved to the side of the page or at the bottom.  At a minimum, their width and the space they take up can be greatly shrunk (they take up 1/2 the space when they are at the top of my screen and initially they are what is seen at the bottom of the page when you hit US COINS, not any threads themselves in US COINS).

This way...actual threads from US WORLD ANCIENT COINS, etc....will all show when you click on them and the'll be higher-up, too., since the Sub-Forums won't be there (apparently, no sub-forums for NEWBIE section).

Edited by GoldFinger1969
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Idk about pinning topics related to only one specific coin type, but I can see pinning general things like board rules, posting Coin pictures (as is done now), etc.  For specific coin types there is the search bar.

@dena Talking about the search bar, what about having an Advanced Search where you can narrow your search results based on other criteria like the person, dates, etc.?

Also, I agree with allowing other file types as attachments to posts, particularly PDF as this is an extremely common file type on the web. Sometimes I find I need to convert PDF docs to pics in order to post info and it does sig increase the file size.

Edited by EagleRJO
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