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Nice Group of MS66/67 Washington Quarters 1940-1964 NGC

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Here is a group of NGC Washington Quarters a client bought several years ago. Many are a crossover candidates. TeleTrade pricing on these coins (last 60 days) is $6,500.00 without the fees. Most are Bright White and the others have nice color and all have life.


If you have an interest in this group call me at 800.954.0270 and ask for Todd.


This group of 59 coins includes the following:


1940-P MS67, 1940-D MS66, 1940-S MS67,

1941-P MS66, 1941-D MS66, 1941-S MS66,

1942-P MS66, 1942-D MS67,

1943-P MS66, 1943-D MS66, 1943-S MS66,

1944-P MS67, 1944-D MS67, 1944-S MS67,

1945-P MS67*, 1945-S MS67,

1946-D MS67, 1946-S MS67,

1947-P MS67, 1947-D MS67, 1947-S MS67,

1948-P MS67, 1948-D MS67, 1948-S MS66,

1949-P MS67, 1949-D MS66,

1950-P MS66, 1950-D MS66, 1950-S MS66,

1951-P MS67, 1951-D MS66, 1951-S MS67*,

1952-P MS67, 1952-D MS66, 1952-S MS67*,

1953-P MS66, 1953-D MS66, 1953-S MS67,

1954-P MS66, 1954-D MS66, 1954-S MS66,

1955-P MS66, 1955-D MS66,

1956-P MS67, 1956-D MS66,

1957-P MS67, 1957-D MS67,

1958-P MS67*, 1958-D MS67,

1959-P MS66, 1959-D MS66,

1960-P MS66, 1960-D MS66,

1961-P MS66, 1961-D MS66,

1962-P MS66, 1962-D MS66,

1963-P MS67 and 1964-P MS66



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I'm looking for: 1983-P, 1986-P, 1994-P and 1998-P in MS-66++. If you have these, PM please. I'm picky; I can't stand the little annoying chicken scratches that these coins typically display in 6, so if you have some really nice ones, I'm a buyer, even at full retail.





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I'm a buyer, even at full retail.


893whatthe.gif but if you are a delaer and you pay full retail doesn't that make you a "wannabe dealer" 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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