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Silver 1993-d penny and weird looking penny

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I found to pennies the other day and they grab my eye and I been researching coins and value of them now I'm hooked can anyone tell me if i have something here or am I wasting time with these 2 and should move on




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Your 1993 D has most likely been plated after it left the mint.  It is too large to be struck on a dime planchet.  Sometimes it is possible for a zinc planchet to miss the copper plating process but such a coin when struck shows the same full cartwheel luster as a regular coin.  Such luster typically does not survive on a copper plated cent that has been then plated with a silver colored metal.  You coin does not appear to show luster from striking.  It is also possible to strip the copper plating off a regular cent but that leaves the surface dull and rough.

I see nothing special about the 1968 D other than it is in nice condition and may have a "clogged D" from the center post that forms the center of the D having chipped off the die.  Clogged D mintmarks are not that unusual and do not command a premium.

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