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[SOLD/CLOSED] New Sales Thread 4/28/2018-New Items Added 5/26

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Hello again everyone!  I have a few new items up for sale, and it's also time for me to clean up my work space and clear out some items I've accumulated, so it's time for a new Sales Thread!  As always, I'm starting with NGC graded items first.

Here's a 1979-S Kennedy Half Dollar graded PF 68 Ultra Cameo:


I also have some NGC graded German items.  First up here is an 1935-A (Berlin Mint) aluminum 50 Reichspfennig coin graded MS 62.  This type of coin is difficult to locate in Mint State and this piece would be a great type example:


Next up, a real rarity in the German series.  I have a 1941-A (Berlin Mint) Reichskreditkassen/Occupation 10 Reichspfenning. 

The 1941-A 10 Reichspfennig is graded UNC Details for Environmental Damage, in this case a tiny spot of white zinc rust under the hole on the reverse:


Do you need any raw 1979-S Type 2 Coins?  Well, I have all six denominations available right now.

I have some Lincoln Cents here:


and here is one 1979-S Type 2 Lincoln Cent with some interesting toning that it came out of the Proof Set with:


The Jefferson Nickels are here:


The Roosevelt Dimes are here:


The Washington Quarters are here:


Here's some raw 1979-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollars:



And I have one raw 1979-S Type 2 Susan B. Anthony Dollar here:


I also have some raw 1981-S Type 2 singles as well. 

I have a single raw 1981-S Type 2 Lincoln Cent here:


I some Jefferson Nickels here:


I have a single Roosevelt Dime here:


and here are some Washington Quarters:


And here is a single raw 1981-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollar:


And here are two very nice, pristine 1979 S Proof Sets.  Both of these sets have a Type 2 Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel and Roosevelt Dime along with a Type 1 Washington Quarter, Kennedy Half Dollar and Susan B. Anthony Dollar:



Here's a 1982-P Roosevelt Dime from an original 1982 Philadelphia Mint Souvenir Set.  It has a nice strike and may even be a Full Torch and is now at a lower price:


This is a 1972-D Eisenhower Dollar with a Doubled Die Obverse at a lower price:


For you Kennedy Half Dollar album collectors, here's a pair of 1969 40% Silver Kennedy Halves.  You get the 1969-D, fresh from an original 1969 Mint Set and the 1969-S, fresh from an original 1969 Proof Set:


And lastly, I also have this interesting piece of German Notgeld.  It is a 10 Pfennig from Stadt Trier struck in Zinc, which also has a lower price:


And that's all the coins I have for now! I'm taking offers on everything, so please send them!   If you don't want to deal with Ebay, you can PM me here and we can do the sale that way if you have a PayPal account.  As always, I thank you all for checking out my sales.  I really appreciate every view and purchase!!

Until Next Time......



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Update-the 1981-S Type 2 Anthony Dollar in PF 69 and the 1981-S Type 2 Lincoln Cent in PF 68 have sold and the links have been removed.  Thanks so much!!

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Update-I'm sold out of 1981-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollars for the moment.  Thanks So Much!!

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Update-the 1981-S Type 2 Lincoln Cent in PF 69 has sold and all links have been updated.  Some prices have been lowered as well.  Thanks So Much!!

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Update-Several new items have been added and all links are have been updated.  Thanks So Much!!

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Update-Both raw Type 2 Anthony Dollars have sold and the links have been removed.  Thanks So Much!!

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Update-I realized that it's time that I clean up my workspace and clear out some of the items that I've accumulated over the course of time that I haven't gotten around to selling yet, so I've added those items and a few others to this sales thread.  So, please check them out and make some offers......I'm always willing to haggle!  Thanks so Much!!

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Just a new items and updated links bump! Thanks So Much!!

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