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coin grading question

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Hi, my question is in regards to grading through NGC. I only have one coin I need graded and I was wondering if there is a minimum number that must be sent in or if I can just submit one coin at a time. Also, I am confused as to how much it would cost to get it certified. I understand the costs with the grading tiers, but I am not sure how much insurance, postage, etc. is factored into that. If anyone could make this a bit clearer than the NCG site has posted it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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OK you say you understand the grading tier costs, the insurance and postage costs are going to vary depending on how you chose to send it, and what value you declare on the package.  At least for shipping to them.  For the return costs they normally ship registered for the value you declared when you sent it to them, typically in the neighborhood of $25.

Normally your choices for shipping to them are Priority, Priority two day, Priority overnight, or Registered. Priorityis the cheapest an d Priority overnight the most expensive (In my opinion prohibitively so.)   Insurance costs for any of the Priority services is the same, once the declared value is over $1000, Registered becomes the cheapest way to send, and the safest. But Registered can also be slowest in delivery.  Two weeks is not unusual, but a month or more is not unheard of.

Insurance rates for Priority




Amount for Merchandise Insurance Coverage Desired


$0.01 to $50


50.01 to 100


100.01 to 200


200.01 to 300


300.01 to 400


400.01 to 500


500.01 to 600


600.01 to 5,000

(maximum liability is $5,000)

$9.15 plus $1.30 per $100 or fraction thereof over $600 in declared value


Priority flat rate box is $7.20

Can't find prices for two day or overnight but I know overnight is in the $28 to $35 range.


Rates for Registered mail

Registered Mail

Declared Value

Fee (in addition to postage)




0.01 to 100



100.01 to 500



500.01 to 1,000



1,000.01 to 2,000



2,000.01 to 3,000



3,000.01 to 4,000



4,000.01 to 5,000



5,000.01 to 15,000,000



+ $1.60 per each $1,000 or fraction thereof

So a $1000 coin would be 

Priority flat rate $7.20 + $14.35 insurance or $21.55

$1000 Registered would be $7.20 + $17.75 or $24.95  (Although I have had them drop the $7.20 postage fee and just charge the registered fee.)

A $2000 package would be Priority $7.20 + $27.35 insurance  or $34.55

$2000 Registered is $7.20 + $19.35 or $26.55


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Another thing to think of, try to send in more than one at a time, it helps break down shipping cost per coin and the sub form fee.

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