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Is anyone besides me get sick and tired of this:

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What is the point Gene?  What do you wish to prove?   This is pure nonsense and IMO does not belong in the publication where it appears.  Perhaps they ran out of the excellent content I usually see and needed to fill some space.  Perhaps the eager writer should rethink what "advancing numismatic knowledge" actually involves.  

A Rare 1911 $5 Gold Piece

NGC 1911 $5 obverse NGC 1911 $5 reverse

Gene Brandenburg writes:

"I wanted to inform readers of the spectacular rarity I obtained at the last St. Maries County Coin Club. It is a 1911 Philadelphia mint $5.00 gold piece with an "S" mint mark (photos via Dave Schenkman) authenticated and graded by the well respected NGC which makes it an absolute rarity I'm sure.

How NGC came to realize that this was struck at the Philadelphia mint is a tribute to their expertise, they are truly quite wise. More interestingly, why did the Philadelphia mint make this coin with a San Francisco mint mark ? After checking many, many auction records going back many decades, this is the first to ever appear - Dave feels that it could be worth millions. This surpasses by far another rarity I came across years ago - a czarist gold 5 rouble of Catherine The Great authenticated and graded by the equally respected PCGS that actually was a gold 10 rouble, why the Russian mint master made this enigma remains an 18th century mystery to me.

I remain always eager to inform, advancing numismatic knowledge wherever and whenever I can."


NGC 1911 $5 mint mark
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It was posted April Fool's Day. Gene was just having a little fun, and it was meant as a satire of other posts by people who believe they've found the Holy Grail with some damaged or mislabeled coin.

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Along those lines I must have an incredibly rare $10 bill.  Taking what is on the PMG holder as gospel it is an fr#94 with reverse of fr#93 AND a series 30 with obverse of series 50.  If you havent figured it out the holder says fr#94 series 30 which is a 2 times labeling error.  Since i was the submitter it is not an issue of note substitution. The grader must have been having a hard time that day especially since "series 50" is printed on the note itself (let alone the obvious difference between fr#93 and 94).

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