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1927 Indian Head Quarter Eagle grading?

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Looking for any help to better educate me on if I should send this coin to be graded. I read that the Indian Head Quarter Eagle is a more difficult coin to grade and is one of those coins that need more knowledgeable eyes to give a correct grade on. I have looked over numerous grades from below Mint State to MS66 which leaves me to think from MS63 to MS66 for this 1927 Gold Coin, the differences are hard to spot for the untrained eye. To be worth getting graded in my eyes, need at least a MS64 or better. Otherwise, I am going to lock it up and leave it to my son when I pass. So if anyone has an opinion on this 1927 Indian Head Quarter Eagle, I'm all ears! Thanks in advance!Front.thumb.JPG.5acd3e5babc18aa2aee1b8786f11b19d.JPGReverse.thumb.JPG.1c22a0b8f227281c4d319ea03adc643c.JPG

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Unfortunately the photo you have provided was lit in a such away that precise grade is not possible. The main grading points are the Indian's cheekbone and for all dates, except 1908, the "shoulder feathers" at the top of the eagle's wing. There should be no wear on those areas on a strict Mint State piece. Beyond that the number stray marks in the fields, luster and general appearance mark the differences between MS-60 and the higher Mint State grades.

In general this type and to a much greader extent, the five dollar Indian coin, are among the more difficult 20th century coins to locate in strict Mint State. Unlike every other coin in the U.S. series, the fields on this design are the highest part of the coin and therefore very prone to scratches and wear. It is this reason that treasry officials did not regard this design as a success. It was thought that having the design devices recessed into the surface of the coin would make it last for many years in circulation, but the fields became marked up so quickly, that the coin soon lost a lot of its beauty while in circulation.

My photos are not great, but I will show you a couple of Mint State coins. This 1925-D quarter has been graded MS-65 by our hosts, and I fully agree with the grade. In the next post I will show you a 1908 quartrer eagle that PCGS graded MS-64.


1925-D 250 O.jpg

1925-D 250 R.jpg

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Here is the 1908 $2.50 in MS-64. The eagle's "shoulder feathers" are flat on this piece because that was way the coin was made. This is a characteristic of 1908 quarter eagles which was corrected the following year. Note that both coins have a lot of luster, which is an important part of making the Mint State grade.


1908 $250 O.jpg

1908 $250 R.jpg

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