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OBW rolls - Loomis or NF String

Selling as little or as much as you want -

asking face + 20% + shipping


1c 2017-D H/H x36

 Example: 1 roll would be $.50 + $.10 + $3.50(?) = $4.10(?)

Example: all 36 would be $18.00 + $3.60 + $14.00(?) = $35.60(?)


1c 2017-D H/T x40

1c 2016-D H/H x7

1c 2016-D H/T x2

1c 2015-D H/T x1


5c 2017-D H/H x15

5c 2015-D H/T x17


10c 2017-D unopened box - make an offer (listed on EBay ~ $330 shipped)

10c 2016-D H/T x23

10c 2015-D H/H x3

10c 2015-D H/T x9

10c 2014-D H/H x9

10c 2014-D H/T x6


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