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"Fake U.S. & World Coins" available for sale withOUT "COPY" on them

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This fella in China will sell you counterfeit U.S. and world coins all day long - and none have "COPY" as per the law here in the U.S. requires.  Not only does he offer every key date that people would want - he makes them to artificially appear worn for extremely rare key dates to make them more 'palpable' for I'm guessing unscrupulous sellers.  These coins don't pass muster under a loop.  They appear cast.  I know.  I bought one for the helluvit ($2.00).  I donated it to a coin club for their counterfeit display education program.

Final note:  He also offers what he claims are 90% silver/ 10% copper with exact diameter and correct # of reeds on edge of coins for $200 each.  A small price for a correct diameter, weight and content coin that could even be more damaging if someone were to pay $1000's.

Check out his U.S. Dollars HERE.  

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My preliminary conclusion after a three-minute cursory investigation of this post:  No harm done.

The reader is directed to eBay and apmex.com (which features accurate spot-on, gold and silver spot prices) as well as a conduit to eNow.com.  The reader is taken on a circuitous round-trip excursion which drops him off where he started.

Just for the hell of it, I searched the one subject I have more than enough familiarity with, French 20-franc gold roosters 🐓, and once again found nothing untoward.  Not surprisingly, I found a plethora of legitimate concerns I have done business with, looking for collectors with Roosters to sell.

Accordingly, I would regard this site, as presently constituted, as being harmless. 

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