"Fake U.S. & World Coins" available for sale withOUT "COPY" on them

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This fella in China will sell you counterfeit U.S. and world coins all day long - and none have "COPY" as per the law here in the U.S. requires.  Not only does he offer every key date that people would want - he makes them to artificially appear worn for extremely rare key dates to make them more 'palpable' for I'm guessing unscrupulous sellers.  These coins don't pass muster under a loop.  They appear cast.  I know.  I bought one for the helluvit ($2.00).  I donated it to a coin club for their counterfeit display education program.

Final note:  He also offers what he claims are 90% silver/ 10% copper with exact diameter and correct # of reeds on edge of coins for $200 each.  A small price for a correct diameter, weight and content coin that could even be more damaging if someone were to pay $1000's.

Check out his U.S. Dollars HERE.  

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My preliminary conclusion after a three-minute cursory investigation of this post:  No harm done.

The reader is directed to eBay and apmex.com (which features accurate spot-on, gold and silver spot prices) as well as a conduit to eNow.com.  The reader is taken on a circuitous round-trip excursion which drops him off where he started.

Just for the hell of it, I searched the one subject I have more than enough familiarity with, French 20-franc gold roosters 🐓, and once again found nothing untoward.  Not surprisingly, I found a plethora of legitimate concerns I have done business with, looking for collectors with Roosters to sell.

Accordingly, I would regard this site, as presently constituted, as being harmless. 

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The word COPY is a requirement here, NOT in China. Its always buyer beware. As for anything slabbed, you can look up the number on either PCGS or NGC. Anyone copying the number and then charging $113 for a super low mintage Morgan should scream fake to you. As for others, the best we can do is educate educate educate on any platform possible so those just entering the hobby will not be separated from their money. 

The world we live in now is loaded with scammers. I am of the mindset that everybody is crooked until proven otherwise, and anyone entering this hobby should buy a scale before they buy their first coin.

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