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Hi all,

I added a new board for newbie questions to our community:

I was finding a lot of general "getting started" kinds of questions about collecting showing up in the area we created for questions about the new boards, and it seemed like a good opportunity to let the community create a kind of Frequently Asked Questions area.

The kind of board I created has some special features to help people find the best answers to questions and the most helpful questions. Special Q&A features:

  1. Members can upvote questions they think are great questions and most helpful to other members.
  2. Members can upvote the best answers in a question and push that answer to the top
  3. The ORIGINAL POSTER who asked the question can make a single answer as "The best answer"
  4. A block at the top shows questions without answers, and popular questions

This is a great place to welcome new members, and help people join the hobby, so I hope you all take the time to grow the community and offer a friendly and helpful welcome.

Also... who can get the most top answers? Hm...

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