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[SOLD/CLOSED] New Sales Thread 3/26/17-A couple new items added

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Hello again everyone!! I've gotten a few new items in, so it's time for a new sales thread!! As always, I'll start with the graded items first.  First up, I have a 1981-S Type 2 Lincoln Cent.   It is a stunning PF 66 Brown with amazing blue and violet toning.....I've never seen a proof Memorial toned this amazingly!!  Both are graded by NGC

And the PF 66 BN (Toned Violet and Blue) is here:


Then I have something really great for any Kennedy Half Dollar Registry collectors out there! This is a 1967 SMS Kennedy Half graded MS 68 Star with a nice light Cameo on both Obverse and Reverse, though the Obverse contrast is stronger.  This is the second highest grade for 1967 SMS Kennedys, and is tough to find, especially looking this nice.  FMV a 1967 SMS Kennedy in MS 68 without the star is $410.  Mine is starting at $288.88 with the option to send offers, so please do!  You can see the coin here:


Now for a few raw items.  I still have some 1979-S Type 2 Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters.  I also just received one Lincoln Cent and one Jefferson Nickel

The cent is here:


The nickel is here:


The dimes are here:


And the quarters are here:


And I still have some 1981-S Type 2 Roosevelt Dimes and one 1981-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollar

The dimes are here:


And the half dollar is here:


And here's a nice 1976-S Type 1 Clad Proof Eisenhower Dollar, fresh from a 1975 Proof Set:


I also have a couple of fancy serial number modern Federal Reserve Notes that are up for auction.  The first is a Series 2009 $1 from the NY Federal Reserve Bank with a serial number of  B44444401G.  It is a nice circulated note that can be seen here:


And here's a couple of World offerings to wrap this little thread up.  First up, a very rare German offering.  This is a 1940-A 10 Reichspfennig Reichskreditkassen/ World War II Occupation coin.  This is the most available date of this type, but not in this condition.  This coin is fully uncirculated with original silvery-white color, which is extremely rare of any World War II era German zinc coins.  I purchased this one right before I made the decision that high grade zinc wasn't for me any longer (Hey, we all grow and change from time to time!). If you're looking for something unique and truly special, this one's for you!


And that's all for now! Another smaller thread, but I have some new stuff coming in soon, so I'll have a bigger one in a couple weeks.  As per the usual, I'm taking offers on everything, so please send them! The worst I can do is say no.  More often than not though, we'll make a deal.  I also know that some of you on here dislike using Ebay.  That's ok.  If you have a PayPal account, we can complete the sale though here.  Just PM me here.  My Ebay feedback is excellent and my stuff on here always sells and I haven't had any complaints yet, so there's no risk.  I take returns on anything I sell.  As always, I thank you all for checking out my sales threads and for buying from me.  I really do appreciate every single view and sale!!

Until Next Time...

Best Regards



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Update-The 1981-S Type 2 Lincoln Cent in PF 67 Ultra Cameo has sold and the link has been removed.  Thanks So Much!!

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Update-the 1975 Soviet Commem has finally found a new home!! Thanks so much!! I've also added a couple of new 1979-S Type 2 raw coins!

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