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Embed videos in the Registry

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Is there a way to embed videos in the Registry? I want to start taking videos of my prooflike coins to show them off better, but I can't figure out how to add it to the Registry. 

I remember a few years ago there was a member who added html programming to his registry set (and made a really awesome set with videos and pictures.... something about Pearly Harbor if I recall), but now whenever I add html tags and hit save, it removes them. 


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Not only no, but heck no.

They are quite properly sanitizing the input to remove html. Allowing the embedding of HTML coding and then serving it back to users is a great way to turn the registry into a malware dropper site. You have no idea what is at the end of that link until you click it, when it's too late.

Even here, do you just click on links people put into messages? Especially with redirectors like bit.ly (http://bit.ly/2n73WiQ). Or do you hover over them to see where you are being redirected? Extract the link and check where it's taking you (that bit.ly link redirects to http://www.omg-you-clicked-on-what.com/)

Hyperlinking is the single feature that created the world wide web, but it's also the feature that has created most of the problems we have with the web.

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While that may be true, have you perused the new coding options on the forums? Not only can we embed html here now, but there is a dropdown list of 13 different options - C, Java, Perl, Ruby, XML, and a bunch of others. 

As for the Registry, I know that you used to be able to do it. I don't even care that its html - bbcode or some other method would be fine with me. I just want to be able to do it, and I don't care how. 

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