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Coin World Article: NGC vs. PCGS...

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Not so interesting article on the recent back and forth over the increase in pops, except for this quote...



Willis pointed out that several original rolls of high-quality examples of 1912-S Liberty 5-cent coins have come to market in the past several years. He said, “These rolls were handled by some of the most knowledgeable dealers in the business. We are proud of the fact that these individuals, who have great insight in the coin market, chose PCGS to grade their coins.”

Really ? Someone has been sitting on several rolls of 1912-S Liberty Head Nickels ? Great insight in the coin market ? And if they were handled by some of the most knowledgeable dealers why wouldnt they consider the ramifications of flooding the marketing with dozens of high end examples all at once. Im just a lowly collector but I know enough to cherry pick the roll and send in perhaps 1-2 of the best coins and keep the market strong. Then perhaps in a year or two send in another 1-2.

Sorry I dont buy the explanation.

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Note he said "handled by". Likely meaning a consignment:

"I wanna sell pops coins"

"These are very nice and quite rare, but selling them all at once will lower prices."

"Don't care. I want cash now - as much as possible."

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In that case the dealer buys them for what the depressed market price would probably be if they dumped them on the market.  Buyer gets cash now, as much as possible and the dealer then trickles them out onto the market and gets the windfall from the maintained market value.

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