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Another Gem 66 Update to My Iceland Kingdom Era Set posted by Iskrona

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Two more MS-66 5 Aurar


A little while back a ebay dealer I have dealt with in the past has posted a 1926 NGC MS-66BN 5 Aurar with the population of only one and I must say that this coin is the best coin for its type that I had ever seen with beautiful surfaces and with virtually only one tiny contact mark that you can not see with the naked eye,,,I had a lot of trouble finding it and also to my surprise NGC used photo's of this coin for there price list. Since I don't have the right camera I took the liberty of using there pic's on this post to show you how lovely this coin really looks. I also acquired another 5 Aurar a 1946 MS-66 in RED but since its not part of the Kingdom era its only a trivial acquisition.


Thank you for reading my post I hope you enjoyed it




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