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2017 Goals

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Going To Finish Some Sets


Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas. I got some proof sets from family members, to add to my collection, so I was very happy.


In the coming year, I am looking to put a bow on some of the sets I haven't worked on in awhile. Here are my goals for 2017:


1. Finish my Ike set.

2. Finish my Washington quarter set (1932 - 1964)

3. Finish my Presidential proof set, even though I hate that the mint started making reverse proofs at the end of the series.

4. Once those are finished, work my Morgan Dollar set to 50% completion.

5. Work my Peace Dollar set to 50% completion or higher.



What are your goals for the coming year?





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My 2017 goals (numismatic, that is):


1. Walking Liberty varieties - still seeking a 1939-D/D, a 1944-S/S and a 1928-S Small S that fit my collection and budget

2. Peace dollars - specifically a 1935-S, NGC MS63 and a 1934-S, NGC AU-50.

3. Morgan dollars - a few MS-63's (1886-S, 1899-S, 1901-S) and several AU-58's


I won't get all of these done in 2017 but hope to continue making progress.


Best wishes for you and your sets in 2017!

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It is great to have goals. Unfortunately I never seem to accomplish them all.


My goal for 2017 is to pay off my debt. This will get in the way of my addiction to Ultra Cameo coins so I may not get it done. I will at the very least get more coins so it is a win-win.


Right? :banana:

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I'm into this thread. I don't know about you all but most of my people have no clue nor interest about my passion for coin collecting (other than my heirs silently licking their chops) - ha.


In any event my goals for this year are to take my collection into top 20 points overall, to finish the modern commemorative set in as close to all perfect 70 as possible and to advance my gold and platinum Eagle collection considerably. Oh yeah, and to advance my Top 50 and Top 100 modern coin sets.


One year - but probably not this year I will explore collecting a non-modern set. My problem with that is that I really enjoy accumulating a lot of coins and the older coins seem like a more patient man's game.


Happy New Year fellow numismatists.



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