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In 2017 Lions and Tigers join Bears posted by Jackson

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To increase the scope and variety of the themed set.


I have decided one of my new parameters for my 2017 collecting. The Bear-coin themed Custom Set has been a lot of fun and there are still quite a few available to add to set the set that I have seen on World Coin sellers websites and ebay- but unless I want another 100 variations of pandas or polar bears ( or decide to add the koalas as bears) there is not a lot of variety. One thing I enjoy is finding the coins from diverse nations so that adds a little bit of thrill when I can find a cool example from Kazakhstan, Armenia or Turkey for example.

Otherwise, I feel the interest in this set waning. Even if it will be a set that will eventually be left to my granddaughter--the cost of the coins from these nations across the world and slabbing fees make it often impractical to buy, ship multiple times and slab a $50 value coin.

The 2017 expansion of adding Lions and Tigers will assist me in finding many pre-slabbed coins, as well as a lot of variety.

The tiger themed coins range from many Southeast Asian coins, special "endangered species" coins and of course about 5 countries that produce the Lunar Coins.

Lion themed coins could easily be a several hundred coin set by itself. African coins, Canadian mountain lions and of course lots of older coins with the heraldic lion appear on coins for centuries and across the globe.

So as the new collecting year arrives, for now my goals will be simple--acquire the annual 2017 issue of the 2 or 3 modern coin series I collect, find my final 3 or 4 Indian cents, 3 SLQ's and mostly I will be developing the bear-themed set into something more creative and energetic--better descriptions, factoids and tidbits for each coin.

Here are a few of my early pick-ups which will be added to the set ( I particularly like the 2 oz British Crown with the heraldic lion which is pretty cheap right now with bullion down.)

Happy hunting everyone and Merry Christmas to all.



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