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US Numismatic Discovery Models (Part 1)) posted by TheHawaiianaNumismatist

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How can an entire US Mint series be discovered?


I created six numismatic discovery models for a numismatic book I'm working on. The first three models explains the different types of US numismatic discoveries (these models can be tailored for specific area of US numismatics or non-US numismatics). I shared my first three models at my ANA blog (link below).




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The above link appears to be correct, but does not work when you click on it because links in the Collectors Society blog posts get corrupted when the post is copied to the Chat boards. The ":" gets removed from the underlying link.


This is a bug, and NGC needs to fix it.


Even though it looks OK on the screen, you'll see that "[font:Courier New]https://[/font]..." has been changed to "[font:Courier New]https//[/font]..." when you hover over the link with your mouse. You can either cut and past the textual link that appears on the screen into a browser window or click on the link in the original blog post if you want to read the ANA blog post.


Technical hiccups aside, I read your post on the ANA site and find it very interesting. I do a lot of research in the area of U.S./Philippine coins as well as the broader category of all foreign coins minted by the U.S. mints. There are a tremendous number of varieties, most of which are poorly documented by collectors who are experts for a specific country. I would love to have a discussion with you sometime concerning the resources and methods you're using to do your research.


Keep up the good work! (thumbs u

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