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Trophy Morgan, or, will beauty fade?

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As a rule I keep coins in old holders unless there is a very good reason not to.


Who doesn't love NGC no-line fatties? It's a classic holder for this spectacular coin.


One thing to remember about these old slabs is that many coins toned (or continued to tone) inside the holders because of the absence of the separating slab line. Gassing from the paper cert affects the coin.


As this Morgan has probably reached its colorful pinnacle I would probably get it reholdered so it remains unchanged for many years to come.


Am I the only one that loves new holders ? Nearly all of my coins are in new fresh holders because they show better in scratch free plastic. What's the purpose of owning coins with great eye appeal if you are viewing them through scratched and polished holders. Is it just me ?


As much as I like NGC, I like the thinner, newer PCGS holders which I think are optically superior.

I think the newer PCGS holders are actually a little thicker. There have been some complaints about not fitting well into end slots of some PCGS boxes.


But I certainly agree with you about optics. The cases are clearer, and truer in color (earlier slabs had a blue tint). Also, they clean up very nicely. Scratches are a breeze to polish out.


Some would argue that NGC holders don't scratch as easily. Maybe. But if they are scratched it is really hard to polish them away.



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$80!? Gee, isn't that a bit pricey? Grade looks accurate to me. The soap bar holders were graded in the days before "Gradeflation". The several I have, the coins would be a + or full grade higher now. Same with the OGH.




Also, a coin like this should be stored between 60-70 degrees fahrenheit at 30-40%

relative humidity, much like museums store paintings. Avoid direct sunlight and sudden extreme temperature changes. A nice storage display box will make for safe keeping



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