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Charmy's September 2016 LONG BEACH COIN SHOW REPORT w/Lots of Pics!

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Another Long Beach Show has come and gone. Once again, Taryn and the rest of the Expos staff did a great job putting everything together. The only glitch that I saw was that we weren't allowed to drive into the loading dock area until right at noon which meant no one could unload and have their material ready when the doors opened at noon. In the past, the driving dealers would be able to go up to the loading dock, unload, move their car, let other cars onto the dock, and many of us were ready and waiting at the door when it opened at noon. So even though we were in line before 11am, we didn’t get onto the bourse floor until after 1pm. Still, we had plenty of time to set up, peruse the bourse, buy coins, and reconnect with friends.


As a warning, if you’re looking for a more coin-oriented report, you may want to stop reading right here, as this show report will be more coin PEOPLE oriented!






So as I mentioned, I arrived just before 11am to wait in line outside the loading dock area. The street behind the convention center is full of construction which had already begun during the June show. So the entrance to the parking lot behind the loading area was once again blocked off and you had to enter at a further away entrance.




This is the line of cars waiting to enter the loading dock. I was about 8 cars away from the first car.




After I got into the bourse, me and my booth helpers quickly got to work setting up my booth. And here I am already for business!




Then I was able to find several nice pennies for my inventory.




It’s hard to see in this cellphone photo and these photos do not do it justice, but this 1914-D has the most gorgeous violet magenta toning I have ever seen on a 1914-D!






After the setup, we went to our usual Wednesday night restaurant, Café Piccolo’s, where we bring our own wine. These are the bottles of wine we had.




This is my favorite dish, spicy goat cheese chicken!




Ron Guth (PCGS) and Karl Stephens (you may remember, Karl was the one responsible for notifying security who tackled and caught the thieves at the last Long Beach show).




Me and Joanne (you’ll notice I didn’t take this blurry picture!)




Thursday was pretty busy and I didn’t get around to take any photos, but of course we had some nice wine in the afternoon. Our fun and fantastic booth neighbors brought me these two bottles.




but after the show PCGS had a “thank you” reception for PCGS dealers. It was a really nice event and was great socializing with everyone.


The event was held at the Federal Bar which is a restaurant at an old gorgeous bank building right across the street from the convention center on Pine.




Sandy and David at the reception table




My dear friend Rich, me and another good friend James Sego




Another couple dealer friends




John (CRO), Michael, Jay and Scott Griffin




Jeff Garrett and his beautiful wife Mary Lynn




More dealer friends






Saundra and Jack Beymer




Me with Don Willis, Taryn and another beautiful Expos rep (I can’t remember her name).




Some of the younger folks!




Ron Guth!




Me and Walt Ankerman






Lou Rasera and Don Ketterling




And last, but by no means least, guess who’s back!!!!






Yep, it’s NINA!!! She is now working at Kagin’s as their Auction Coordinator!!




This is the special coin they gave to each of us!






After the reception, we went across the street to King Fish House for dinner.






They had these cute corny napkin jokes




Karl brought this delicious white wine




Marcelle (who is from Sweden) brought this amazingly delicious red wine




I originally hadn’t planned to join them for dinner so I was unprepared and had to order a bottle of wine off the menu. Justin is always a trustworthy tasty wine.





Friday started out a bit slowly but soon picked up, so I was kept busy. I did manage to walk around the bourse and take a few photos. This is the Collectors Corner Coin Search table where you can locate specific coins from dealers who participate.




This is the kids’ Pirate Treasure Hunt table




My beautiful buddy Nina stopped by my table.




These adorable little boys spent a lot of time picking out some pennies for their collection.






I found another very cool Indian cent error at the show. I’m curious what you folks think it will grade.






Once things died down on Friday afternoon, I opened this bottle of Syrah that I had brought to share.




Friday night on Pine Street is a happening place!




And so was the King Fish House restaurant where we again went to dinner. We had reservations, but ran into several groups of dealers there too. This is Jeff Shevlin and company!




When we were there Thursday night I had filet, but Friday night I had their fantastic macadamia nut crusted halibut.


Our group




I was prepared for this wine tasting with this very good bottle of Hall, but my booth buddy Rich outdid everyone with his fantastic bottle of Opus One!






We shared this yummy butter cake for dessert





Saturday was surprisingly busy at the show. Even though the front of the room became a ghost town pretty early, the middle and back of the room seemed maintain quite a steady flow of traffic.










Soon, once again, it was time to pack up and head home. My hubby’s best friend (the one who called me when Lou had his accident) was having a surprise 50th birthday party Saturday night and I had to get home so I could get ready for it. They had hired a party bus for 35 people and they were picking us up at our house.




We had a blast and it was good to see Lou having so much fun too!




Lou and the birthday boy Jeff




And of course, I couldn’t end my report without a shot of my little Penny!




And as an added “treat,” this is Penny’s beautiful but mean older sister Sierra who hates it when Penny chases her around the house.




So that’s it folks. Overall it was a decent show, but I think attendance suffered since it was so close to the Anaheim ANA. But as always, I really enjoyed being around coins and all my coin friends.


Next up:


Northern California Numismatic Association’s Symposium in Vallejo, California, this weekend, where I’m one of the presenters. Then the Las Vegas Coin Show at the Westgate the following weekend.


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Nice surfaces, looks Unc., but not an area I'm familiar with.


I liked the human interest aspect of the report! On the wine can you recommend a good economy brand, I only imbibe the stuff around once a month? Frontera?

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So, here's the deal about the 1868 off center - it is a counterfeit. I was so enamored with it that I didn't see it at first. But Rick saw it right off. The N in ONE should be shallow as all 1868 Indian cents have the Shallow N reverse. It's still a very cool piece, and the owner donated it to the Fly-In Club for educational purposes.

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So, here's the deal about the 1868 off center - it is a counterfeit. I was so enamored with it that I didn't see it at first. But Rick saw it right off. The N in ONE should be shallow as all 1868 Indian cents have the Shallow N reverse. It's still a very cool piece, and the owner donated it to the Fly-In Club for educational purposes.


And it has a nice double strike to boot! I guess we can call this one the ultimate "fantasy overstrike." :D;)


Thank you for posting your show report; I always enjoy reading them. I hope your husband is feeling better.

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Nutmeg, I recommend you just buy a few different bottles in your price range and just see which ones fit your taste. The grocery stores usually have a really good selection of low to mid-range wines.


Just as long as it isn't Rex Goliath, Yellow Tail or Barefoot....Last couple bottles of the really low grade stuff I ended up pouring down the sink.

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