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Key Dates, Nice Buffalo's, Commem's and type stuff for sale, not on Ebay

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I'll offer these here before they go anywhere else. I'll have all these coins at the Willimantic Ct. show this Sunday if anyone here is attending and would like to see them up close and personal.


Images available via email. Always a 5 day return priv. Paypal is available, please inquire (basically +3%). Shipping costs depend on actual amount of coin(s).


In no particular order:


1924 5c PCGS ms/65 Lustrous original gem with a hint of champagne/gold toning. A touch soft at the central braid area, but overall very sharp. $850


1924 5c NGC ms/65 Lustrous and superb! Nice nickel color with just a tinge of champagne at the high points. Fully struck and excellent quality for the assigned grade. $910


1928-d 5c NGC ms/65 Shimmering luster with some light gold tones in the fields. A fully struck reverse and just a touch soft centrally, at the braid. $895


1926 5c NGC ms/66 Gorgeous original luster and eye appeal. Light green, yellow and rose highlights. Housed in an older, thicker style NGC holder. $450


1923 5c PCGS ms/66 Wonderful original luster and a razor sharp reverse strike. Attractive, light violet, green and gold hues present. Slightly softly struck, centrally, at the braid area. $1450


1919 5c PCGS ms/65 A superbly struck and lustrous gem. Excellent quality for the assigned grade. $600


1919 5c NGC ms/65 Soft lilac, rose and gold hues over slightly above average struck surfaces. Slightly above average luster as well. $525


1919 5c PCGS ms/66 Superbly struck and lustrous original surfaces. Virtually unimprovable. One very small carbon spot between the nose and upper lip. $1600


1893-s Morgan$ PCI Gold vf/25 This is a vf coin with some light obverse scratches. A presentable example of this key date, and priced accordingly. $4000


1936 Cincinnati NGC ms/65 Light originally toned suraces. Great "skin" with above average luster and eye appeal. $590


1936 Cleveland PCGS ms/65 Blast white, impeccable surfaces with fantastic eye appeal. Looks better. $220


1936 Elgin PCGS ms/66 (grn label hldr) A pq looking coin with originally toned surfaces that show a bit of magenta color at the rims. A wonderfully lustrous coin. $450


1938 New Rochelle PCGS ms/65 (grn label hldr) A fantastic looking coin with lustrous, bright surfaces that show a tinge of light gold towards the rim areas. $450


1884-cc Morgan $ PCGS ms/64 Mostly white with clean, lustrous, well struck surfaces $225


1908 1c NGC ms/65 rd (old thick hldr) An outstanding looking gem with rolling luster and excellent eye appeal. $495


1864 2c NGC ms/64 RB (old thick hldr) Gorgeous, original red/brown surfaces with above average luster and eye appeal. The reverse is rotated almost 180 degrees and is interesting as such. $240


1875-s 20c NGC ms/65 An outstanding looking double dime with wonderfully lustrous and lightly toned surfaces. Superb! $4700


1901-s 25c PCGS ag/3 A problem free lower grade example of THE key date in the series. A full rim obverse. $4100.


1889-s Morgan$ NGC ms/63 Redfield A fully lustrous and brilliant looking example that looks undergraded. Redfield notated on the holder. $400


1916-d 10c PCGS good/6 A problem free example of this key date. A solid vg/8 obverse with a weaker reverse. $925


1937-d 5c NGC xf/40 Sharply detailed example with problem free gray toned surfaces. $1025


1937-d 5c PCGS vf/30 Ditto above, not quite as sharp. $950


1878-s Morgan $ PCGS ms/66 A very nicely toned example with a gorgeous blend of bright blue, violet, gold and green colors on the reverse. The obverse is lightly toned in champagne and violet hues with some blue color at the rims. Should be holdered reverse forward. $$950


That's it! I also have a bunch of ms/63 and 64 Morgans, some with toning. NGC and PCGS. If anyone is interested in a list of those, feel free to drop me a PM or email and I'll get you a list.


PM or post below with any questions/comments and don't forget to check out all the Ebay Stuff as well.



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