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Does NGC Collaborate With PCGS On Numbers?

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Hello, I pay pretty close attention to statistics. Over the last couple of years I have noticed that the total numbers of graded coins in the early Walker series never seems to increase a whole lot. Originally, I just thought it was from the fact that there were few coins to grade. But, recently I deceided to copy the numbers down to see what happens. On the population report for 2/28/05 for example the 1918S had 567 total numbers graded and the 1927S had 427. Now, on 3/28/05, the 18S has just 555 while the 27S has just 411. The discrepancy in the numbers is in the MS coins--especially 63 and 64 grades. So what I would like to know is--is this from coins that get crossed over with PCGS? Does PCGS notify NGC when it removes a coin from an NGC holder and places it into a PCGS holder? Thereby enabling NGC to take it off of its total. If so, does NGC do the same with PCGS coins that they in turn crossover? The discrepancy in numbers certainly cannot be from upgrades since that would only change the MS numbers but not the total number of coins that had been graded. Thanks for any info. Supertooth

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At NGC, if someone successfully crosses over a coin, in your case a Walker, that coin would be returned to the submitter with the coin in an NGC holder and the label of the other company returned to the submitter to do with as they choose. This only would change in the case of a regrade, where if a coin was reholdered and subsequently graded higher upon regrade, the original NGC tag would be removed from the population data.


I believe the same holds true for PCGS and other third party services.


What appears to have happened was that a large group of inserts were returned of the coins you tracked and were subsequently removed from the population data.



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