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Good Bye Lucky 13 Part 2 posted by Villarreal

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Part 2


lol @ yehrah, I tried that joke on Erin, good thing she didn't hear me...


Re the Morgan Set:


When I said I couldn't work the set anymore, I meant I could not afford upgrades or the 1893 S (AU55 or 58) to my Morgan set, basically all are 5 figure purchases each. Rick says it well, one has to find series and budgets that match. Now, the Morgans will fund projects or buy whatever we need as I have decided to slow down and smell more roses in my business life.


I am more a fan of classic and silver coinage, preferring that to collecting our modern coins. Don't get me wrong, I have most of them also, I just don't do them certified except proof (dansco/to be handed down to grandkids).


In place of Morgans, I now have been working on everyman sets and find them just as competitive and challenging. With AU58 being the highest grade allowed, the playing field widens and money isn't the only factor in assembling a #1 set. Even finding modern AU58's becomes challenging, as not many get certified in the circulated grades (1964 up).


My focus in collecting has shifted from investment to enjoyment. A full grade G4 chain cent has more stories to tell than a MS67/68 pristine Morgan dollar.


I'll take a good story any day.


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