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Just got a 2011 S 1C PF 70 RD Ultra Cameo Ranked 56 top performers

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Life is to short to worry about the future.


Today my 2011 S 1C PF 70 RD Ultra Cameo arrived. Finally I got to complete my 2011 Silver Proof Set. As I check all of my other modern coin sets that need to be filled I come to the conclusion I am in for a long wait. I am a 60 year old cancer survivor who has gone through 3 bone marrow transplants.I started collecting in 2009 when a friend got me involved in it. That is the year I found out I had bone cancer. I love my coins but I do not know how long I will be around to finish what I started. I thought about it and decided to continue working on my sets for my two daughters. Life is so full of wonders. I showed a coin to my daughters and told them this coin is 142 years old. Just think of the history of it and what you will tell your grandchildren about it. Yes coin collecting is fun and so rewarding. I hope to continue till I am 100 years old. Besides it is and investment for them.













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God bless you Ed. You're just a young whippersnapper at 60 and should have plenty of time to complete your sets.


I'm 71 and was diagnosed with APL (a rare form of Leukemia) in 2011 and to make a long story short underwent a autologous bone marrow transplant in August of 2013. Today I am cancer free and planning on being the old geezer grandpa at my youngest grandson's wedding eventually. He just turned 12 last week.


The one thing that got me through all the fear, anxiety, drugs, transfusions, infusions and chemotherapy over the last few years was the following Scripture verse, Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He can get you through also.


Hang in there and happy collecting.

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Thanks Tommy for the Scripture it has given me strength. I am glad you are in remission and hope it will stay that way for a very long time.



Happy Collecting

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Ed - That new 2011 proof 70 Lincoln looks like a beauty in the picture. I am working on the 1909 and up Lincoln set and have been I guess since I was in grade school just did not really know it all that time. Layed off the coins for years while raising kids and working on 24 hour call for about 35 years. I am 61 and retired at 55 so me and Ebay have been putting back some Lincolns for the set a while now. My wife is a cancer survivor and has had a recent setback but looks like it will be ok.

I worked with a guy named Gary Jefferson and his dad was Ed Jefferson. He was called Big Ed by all of his old friends.

I looked at all the sets you are working on and I think that will keep you busy for a long time! I have always been kind of partial to the Lincolns as it was what I could afford to sock back out of my change back in the early days. Still I buy some Kennedys and Ikes and Washington quarters etc. Always love the proof sets too.

Wish you the best on your health and keep working on those sets!

Rick (heck55)

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