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A Set for Every Budget posted by Jackson

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If you like the design, there is some way to collect it.


Collectors have a somewhat different mindset from the non-collector. It may appear a small thing but I believe it is almost a fundamental or foundational component of one's personality. The simple definition is usually of the variety, " a collector feels a need or compulsion to place things in order" I believe this often transcends into their non-collecting endeavors also.

As opposed to the hoarder or accumulator, collectors usually have defined criteria--often self imposing certain limits, restrictions or parameters to make the collecting more challenging as well as to create the order we so love.

In coin collecting I often cannot collect all of the designs I love or in the pristine grades that best demonstrate the artistic designs of the series. Key dates in a series often are a factor for me, or large jumps in prices for certain dates in higher grades.

This need for consistency within each set has led me to be a collector of short sets, date sets and complete sets but in lesser grades for uniformity.

I collect the Walker short set in MS66/67 but a complete walker set in those grades is not realistic for me. I finished a Buffalo nickel short set in 66/67 but some of the early date keys are pricey in those grades.

My 2 recent sets I've begun and have listed on the registry as I complete them are a MS63/^$ brown Indian cent set and a one-per-date Standing Liberty Quarter series in AU. So far I've filled most of the slots with coins in the $80 to $150 range and can probably finish the SLQ's with coins in this price range and some patience in the hunt. The Indian Cents set will probably be considered "done" by me when I complete the 1880 thru 1909 years.

I'm glad that in our hobby we can find niches to enjoy the coins we love without the daunting task of "getting them all", having a "top registry set" or trying to find a way to fit the latest purchase in the coin budget.

A simple but pretty SLQ addition to my set--an AU55 1927. The AU is the lowest grade I could accept with my taste in coins for this series as I feel that the detail and attractiveness is lost quickly as this coin wears...just my personal taste, happy hunting everyone



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I agree whole heartedly that there is a collection for everyone out there. Yes, there are coins that are out of everyone's budget unless your last name is Rockefeller. There are also series that would be very hard to complete unless you drop down a grade or two. I say who cares? As long as you are picking up coins in the set that you are enjoying, you are doing alright with this hobby.


I also agree with you on uniformity. As much as possible, I complete my sets in the same grade. My 1935 - 1958 Lincolns are all MS65. My Kennedy proofs about about 95% PF69 UC. My Morgans will be the exception. I know that to really turn and burn on the set I will have to have various grade levels to fit my budget. But again, who cares? When I'm sitting on a set that includes over 100 different gorgeous Morgan Dollars, I won't care that I didn't spend $10,000 to get one in MS63 like the rest.




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