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$10 1909 s/s

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It means the mintmark is "double-punched". Breen calls it "very rare."


I don't know what power of magnification you need to see the doubled mintmark, though.

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For leprecoin, multiple punches showing of the same mintmark = repunched mintmark (RPM). Multiple punches showing from different branch mints = over mintmark (OMM). This would be like a D/S or S/D.

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Back in 1909, mintmarks were manually punched into the die with a hand punch. Sometimes this resulted in a doubled MM due to diemaker error.

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thx for the info.

I was waiting to get it and scan it,

but after i magnified it as much as my scanner do... 9600,

it wont really give a clear picture...


the coin itself is nice. was expecting to see 2 s's but 893scratchchin-thumb.gifmm...


when i look with the loop i can see a bit clearer,

first it looks like a ding, but then i guess is the second punch.

and make the S look like a dragon in the right direction.


but is not really that significent, so i can see why they dont make a big deal out of it and make me pay arm and leg shy.gif


I would love to see s/d... cause i figure... if they hummer it manually...

and i guess the die made of highly strong metal,

to get double punched of the same mint, all it takes is the guy hummering it twise or more like "not holding still" while keep hummering it.


now i'll have to check out all my sf's foreheadslap.gif





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That's actually a fairly good one, as far as repunched mintmarks go. Many of them are little more than a split in the serif. I marked up your picture to show where the secondary mintmark is, west of the primary.




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