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Five more raw walkers

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In date order.


1936-D very nice luster, great strike and eye appealing rim toning. Rose hue is a result of the photograph, obverse is as blast white a the reverse. Line coming off of Liberty's calf is a die adjustment line.



1941-D Great luster and strike.



1941-S Great strike for the date/mint and nice luster, not sure why the photo quality isn't up to the others.



1943 common as oxygen but great to look at. Does this have a chance in hades at 67?




1943-S awesome satiny luster, strike better than average for the date and mint.


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36D - a very nice coin for the date. The frosty luster is characteristic for the 36D. I think there are enough marks on the coin to limit it to 64.


41D - 65


41S - 64 from the pics, but if you say it is better in hand, it may be 65. The luster just isn't there, in the pics.


43 - No, there is a 0% chance of this one making 67. The luster is strong, but the marks on her thigh immediately knock it out of 67. There are some grazes on the sun, a big mark on the eagle's leg, and a couple of ticks in the wings as well. This would be a 66 on a good day, a 65 on a bad day.


43S - I like the look of this coin, but there seems to be a number of fine tickmarks. I'll go 65 anyways.


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Great coins Clark, and no keep bringing them I like guessing the grade.


first coin: for a D I think the strike looks great. The Right hand and stem separation not bad. The skirt lines are awesome. The head a little soft. the reverse looks solid to me. but the fields on the obverse both right, left sun rays, and sun is what makes me say 65


Second Coin: Again its a D, but softness in strike on the right hand, and right leg of eagle. along with the fields on the obverse. I would go 65


third coin: I like this coin the best out of your group. Good strike for a S and the Fields are the best of the group to me. I'll go 66


Fourth coin: For me its not up to par for what the P coins can be with sharpness of strike, however the thing that I most question is the right field on the obverse, looks like a flat spot in the luster. Maybe that is just the picture, but I'd give it a 65 if that is really a flat spot.


Last coin: I am a rookie but that one looks polished to me, or overly dipped. Not sure but the fields do not look right to me. They look flat and like a high speed polishing tool has been ran over them. But I am a rookie so I could have it all wrong. So that one looks unc detail, improperly cleaned. But like I said it could just be the picture, and I could be all wrong.

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