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New items available on my website!

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I'm back, and I've brought some friends with me.


I've just spent the good part of the weekend completely re-vamping my website. I've lowered prices, I've added new coins, I've moved everything around and busted up all your links. Yeah...sorry bout that. It's kind of like when you go in the grocery store looking for your favorite snack, and you have to look around for it for 20 minutes because they put it on an end cap instead of its regular spot...except this is actual for a purpose.


The biggest change is that I've added the ability for you to purchase coins directly through my website. Yes, you can still PM me here if you would like to talk trades...or make offers...but now you can see a coin you want and buy it on the spot. The best part of ALL OF THIS WORK is that friggin' eBay isn't involved at all.


Am I happy about that? You BET I AM.


Now, I still have some work to do prettying up the place...making the headers super nice, putting out cookies and drinks, etc. But it should be 100% functional right now. Payments are handled through Stripe. (If you still want to use PayPal, you know how to start a conversation with me...)


So, I'm guessing you want some links or something, since I destroyed all the old ones a bit. Here ya go:


Half Cents, Cents, Two & Three Cents (Hint: it's only cents right now)

Half/One/Two/Three Cents


Nickels (all Jeffs right now)






Quarters (when I sell down the Type B's, they will merge with this page)



Type B Quarters

Type B Washington Quarters (raw and NGC graded)


Half Dollars

Half Dollars


Dollars, Gold & Silver Bullion (have some coins I'll be adding to this page this week)



Paper Money (have more paper I'll be adding this week)

Paper Money


World Coins (tons, tons of coins here...something for pretty much everyone, I think) World Coins



Okay. I've done my job...now it's your turn. Have fun - and let me know if there are any issues at all!

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You know, there is SOMETHING going on between that item and my website. I've "fixed" it at least 5 times now. At one point the price dropped to $0...the name has changed...the image has been lost.


Anyway, if you actually would like to purchase it, it's there and ready to be bought! I'm excited to see how the commerce version of the site works, so you'll have to give me some feedback and I'll throw in something free with your order.



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Just updated my site to include some recent submissions:


1886 Liberty Nickel PCGS PR/FA Details

1832 Capped Bust Half Dollar (Large Letters) PCGS AU58

1964 Proof Kennedy Half DDO FS-103 PCGS PR65CAMEO


These three are on their way back from PCGS right now and will ship out as soon as they arrive.



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Just added some 1994 P Matte Proof Jefferson Nickels (NGC SP68 and SP69) and some 2015 ASE at just over $17 apiece (had to raise the "ask" price to make it work under the blanket 15% discount, if you're interested at $17/each with PP Gift, just PM me. I have 5 I received in trade.)


Also added a nice Great Britain 1838 Farthing and a really nice raw 1944 Washington Quarter, as well as a couple $5 coins.


Thank you!

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Hey everyone!


Just added a batch of items to my new (now you can buy directly from the page) Consignments page - Morgan dollars, Coinage & Currency Sets, and some world coins. Will give you guys a couple days to have first shot before they go out to feeBay.


Swing by and check them out!

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Let's celebrate our love of coins this weekend with a special, one-time-only, 20% off coupon on everything on my website (excluding consignments!) Yep, that's right...all my US and World coins will be 20% off until the end of Valentine's Day (ends Sunday night.) Everything from $5 coins to $4,000 coins.


All you have to do is visit my website and use the code "ILOVECOINS" during checkout, and it will automatically apply the discount to your order. Consider it a special thank you to my fellow CS members.


Been eyeing that gorgeous coin I've had listed? Now's your chance. I won't issue a similar coupon until at least Easter to celebrate the creation of the Easter Bunny by Dr. Xavier at Hogwarts. I think that's why we celebrate Easter, yes?


Thanks, and let's see some orders!


(Remember, it won't apply to Consignments!)

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