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Last year's registry awards were a thrill to me and being a winner was a real inspiration to step up my collecting and this year I did just that... in a serious way! I set out with the goal of winning best overall custom set. While I know this is a long shot, I looked long and far at coin shows, auctions and networking to acquire as many examples of global silver coinage from all eras, circulation and non circulating.


My collection THE GLOBAL SILVER COIN COLLECTION at the time of last year's deadline for the registry awards contained 233 silver coins from 53 different countries, this year at the deadline the collection contains 427 silver coins from 80 different countries! Not only did I almost double the collection in size, but the coins I added were of much more value and scarcity. There have been a few coin collecting traditionalists on the chat boards that have tried to degrade my collection and I understand. I know this is a hobby dominated by older men who collect exclusively circulation United States coinage and I respect their passion and bankrolls! But I collect solely precious metal coins (silver) of very limited mintage, many of my coins are the only graded examples or the finest graded example. Within my custom registry set there are 9 #1 custom sets and many more within the top tier. Besides the Dan Hughes collection I know of no there more extensive collection of global silver in the registry.


Happy collecting and best of luck finding those rare and elusive coins!






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