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Is "D" better the "P"? Or is it me?

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I've been getting bags of quarters and half dollars for each mintmark from the mint for a while now. When the nickel reverse was changed last year, I ordered them, too. As I mentioned in another thread, I got my order of the 2005 Jeffs just the other day. I opened the Denver bag first, and after a cursory inspection, I've concluded that the grading prospects look pretty good.


That's the good news....now for the bad. I started going through the Philly bag this morning, and so far I haven't seen anything that would grade 64. I mean these coins look like they were stored in a grain elevator and then offloaded into a railroad coal car. Even the rims are rough. One coin actually snagged my cotton glove. I don't know why I even bothered wearing them.


This isn't an isolated case. It has been the general rule with bags of the other denominations as well. I guess that's why I open the Denver bags, first. I can always expect to find the coins with lots of luster and some 66's & 67's. Heck, some of them are almost proof-like. At least it gives my spirits a boost before I get to the "P" bag. Pun intended!


What is it with the Philly mint? Is their equipment old and worn, or do the emplyees hate their jobs and are just downright mean and nasty? Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?



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It’s not just you, this has been my experience for years. The Denver coins are consistently of better quality than the Philly coins, why? I have no idea. confused-smiley-013.gif



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For whatever reason, this seems to be the norm. Which is ironic since, historically, Philadelphia has always been the standard for quality production.


Well, maybe it is the Yankee Factor . grin.gifpoke2.gif

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