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FS: Large Numismatic Library Covering the Range of U.S. Coinage - Prices Reduced

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Offered below is the listing of a numismatic library, containing well in excess of 50 separate publications, focusing on subjects ranging from Vermont Coppers to Walking Liberty Halves. The sale is particularly strong in colonial and early American numismatics, with many specialty books in those subject areas. Also found below are numerous books and catalogs which rarely appear on the market. This sale is sure to present an exciting opportunity to anyone seeking to add to their numismatic knowledge, whether their library is just starting out or fills numerous rooms!


Because of the number of books for sale, it would have been impractical to provide a description and photograph for each, as is normally found in my listings. I've provided the titles and prices - should you find yourself interested in one... or twenty of the below books and in need of pictures or further information, please send me a PM. I'm happy to provide more complete descriptions on an as-needed basis.




General Reference Books



American Numismatic Association: Centennial History by Q. David Bowers (Two Volume Set) - $80. Now $70







The U.S. Mint and Coinage: An Illustrated History from 1776 to the Present by Don Taxay, Durst Reprint, 1983 - $10


History of the First United States Mint by Frank H. Stewart (Quarterman Reprint) - $25. Now $20


The Secret History of the First U.S. Mint: How Frank H. Stewart Destroyed - and Then Saved - A National Treasure by Joel J. Orosz and Leonard D. Ausburger - $20


Fractional Money: A History of Small Coins and Fractional Paper Currency of the United States by Neil Carothers (1988 Bowers and Merena Reprint) - $10


Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins - $100. Now $90. Dust jacket rather rough.





Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States and Colonial Proof Coins 1722-1977 - $25


United States Coinage as Illustrated by the Garrett Collection by Q. David Bowers - $20




General Catalogs



The John Jay Pittman Collection (1997-1999, Akers). (Three Volume Set) - $275. Now $240





The Norweb Collection (1987-1988, Bowers and Merena). (Softbound, Three Volume Set) - $HOLD


The Garrett Collection (1979-1980, Bowers and Ruddy). (Hardbound. Parts I and II only) - $HOLD



Colonial Reference Books



Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins by Q. David Bowers - $30


In Yankee Doodle's Pocket: The Myth, Magic and Politics of Money in Early America by Will Nipper - $45


Money of the American Colonies and Confederation by Philip L. Mossman - $40


Coinage of the American Confederation Period (1995 Coinage of the Americas Conference, ANS) edited by Philip L. Mossman - $20


Studies on Money in Early America (1976, ANS) edited by Eric Newman and Richard Doty - $25


Financing the American Revolution by Udo Hielscher (Museum of American Financial History) - $10


Counterfeiting in Colonial America by Kenneth Scott (1957, Oxford University Press). Inscribed by the author. Ex. Lee Edmonds Grove. - $HOLD


Colonial Currency Reprints 1682-1751 by Andrew MacFarland Davis (Burt Franklin Reprint). Four Volume Set. - $75


The Copper Coins of Vermont and those Bearing the Vermont Name by Tony Carlotto - $115. Now $100





Colonial Catalogs and Fixed Price Lists


Rosa Americana (Jeff Rock) Fixed Price Lists 9, 14, 15, 18, and 19. (1994-2010) - $75


The John M. Griffee Sale of U.S. Colonial Coins. (Spiralbound). (1994, McCawley-Grellman, C-4) - $20


Ninth C-4 Convention Sale Featuring John Griffee Coll. of St. Patrick's Farthings. (Spiralbound). (2003, McCawley-Grellman, C-4) - $15


Fourteenth C-4 Convention Sale Featuring Bibbins and McDonald Collections. (Sprialbound). (2008, McCawley-Grellman, C-4) - $10


Fifteenth C-4 Convention Sale. (Sprialbound). (2009, McCawley-Grellman, C-4) - $10



Early U.S. Copper: 1793-1857 Reference Books



The Cent Book 1816-1839 by John D. Wright - $60


The Official CQR/Noyes Condition Census for U.S. Large Cents 1793-1814 by William C. Noyes (1999). (Spiralbound) - $20




Early U.S. Copper: 1793-1857 Catalogs


The Missouri Cabinet Collection of U.S. Half Cents (2014, Goldberg) - $HOLD


The Ray Rause Collection of United States Half Cents (2008, Goldberg) - $HOLD


The Colonel Steven Ellsworth Collection of U.S. Half Cents (2008, Heritage) - $HOLD


Louis Helfenstein Collection of Large Cents. Hardbound library edition. Number 65 of 100. (1964, Merkin) - $65


The Robinson S. Brown, Jr. Collection of Large Cents (1986, Superior) - $25


Robinson S. Brown, Jr.: His Third Collection of Large Cents (2002, Superior) - $10


(2 Copies of) The Dan Holmes Collection Part One: Early Date Large Cents (2009, Goldberg) - $15 Each


The Dan Holmes Collection Part Two: Middle Date Large Cents (2010, Goldberg) - $HOLD


The Ted Naftzger Collection Part Three: Late Dates (2009, Goldberg) - $15


The Wes Rassmussen Collection Sale (1998, Superior) - $15


2008 EAC Convention Sale by McCawley and Grellman - $HOLD


2014 EAC Convention Sale by McCawley and Grellman - $10


2015 EAC Convention Sale by McCawley and Grellman - $10



Early U.S. Silver and Gold: 1792-1839 Reference Books



The Early Half-Dimes of the United States by Harold P. Newlin (1933 Reprint) - $15


Early United States Dimes 1796-1837 by Davis, Logan, Lovejoy, McCloskey, and Subjack. JRCS approved reprint. (Spiralbound) - $25


Early Quarter Dollars of the United States Mint 1796-1838 by Rea, Peterson, Karoleff, and Kovach - $70


Early United States Quarters 1796-1838 by Steve Tompkins - $70. Now $60





Auction Appearances and Prices Realized for Early United States Quarters 1796-1838. Vol. 4-1, July 2012 by Steve Tompkins (Spiralbound) - $12


Early Half Dollar Die Varieties by Al C. Overton (Third Edition) - $70


A Register of Half Dollar Die Varieties and Sub-Varieties by M.L. Beistle (First Edition, 1929) - $30


Variety Identification Manual for United States Reeded Edge Half Dollars 1836-1839 by Jules Reiver (Original) - $25


The United States Early Silver Dollars 1794-1803 by Jules Reiver - $40


Silver Coinages of the Philadelphia Mint 1794-1916 by Walter Breen (1958, The Coin Collector's Journal) - $15


Early U.S. Gold Coin Varieties: A Study of Dies States, 1795-1934 by John Danreuther and Harry Bass - $30


The 1822 Half Eagle: Story of a Rarity by Q. David Bowers - $20



Early U.S. Silver and Gold: 1792-1839 Catalogs


The Allen F. Lovejoy Reference Collection of United States Dimes 1792-1945. (1990, Stacks) - $HOLD


The Ed Price Collection of Early Dime and Quarter Eagle Varieties. (2008, Heritage) - $15


The Jules Reiver Collection Volume Three. (2006, Heritage) - $15


The Boys Town Sale. (1990, Superior) - $20


The Collections of Russell Logan and Gilbert Steinberg. (2002, Bowers and Merena) - $15



U.S. Silver and Gold: Seated to Present Reference Books



The Complete Guide to Barber Dimes by David Lawrence (Softbound) - $30


The Complete Guide to Barber Quarters by David Lawrence (Hardbound) - $20


Standing Liberty Quarters by J.H. Cline (Fourth Edition) - $20


The Compete Guide to Barber Halves by David Lawrence (Softbound) - $20


The Complete Guide to Walking Liberty Half Dollars by Bruce Fox (Hardbound). Inscribed by the Author - $HOLD


United States Gold Coins: An Illustrated History by Q. David Bowers - $20


Renaissance of American Coinage 1905-1908 by Roger Burdette - $45









Delivery by USPS Media Mail is not included in listed prices. Shipping charge will be dependent upon the weight and size of book(s) purchased. Care is always taken in packing, to ensure that the books arrive at your mailbox in the same condition they left mine.

Payment by Paypal (please add 3% or send as gift), check or Postal MO is gladly accepted. In the case of payment by check or money order, I will ship the books after the payment has cleared.



All items are sold with a 5 day return period, assuming the condition is as stated in this listing. Buyer pays return shipping.









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Thank you for your consideration,



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