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NGC Censoring Posts

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What is allowed and what is not allowed? Allot of PCGS bashing and policy questions are asked on the PCGS forum but I can not recall any of those posts ever being censored or deleted.


I have heard stories of NGC not tolerating these kind of posts and censoring them. What are you guys afraid of?

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phatty can assure cosmicdebris that if his post or other posts were censored here, there was a very good reason for it. phatty has posted many controversial and inanely stupid things here and not one has been censored or deleted. in contrast, phatty was not only censored across the street, but he was banned from the collectors universe forums altogether.


there is no doubt in phatty's convoluted mind, that the forum monitors are much more reasonable here. sit tight, cosmicdebris, be true to your moniker and look skyward. lady luck just might shine her gorgeous face upon you yet laugh.gif

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A couple of things, Cosmic...


First, I don't know why this question is in the Certified Registry forum.


Second, the admins here are much stricter when it comes to salacious or disruptive content.


Third, the Collector's Society (especially NGC) management loves feedback of all sorts -- negative as well as positive.


Fourth, I think the reason why there is so few negativity here about NGC is that the NGC folks work very aggressively to respond to any and all issues. Thus, issues tend not to build up and become explosive. Example: there was a potential case of a fingerprinted coin in an NGC slab some time ago. Immediately, John Maben came in and voiced his belief that this was highly unlikely but that the owner of the coin should send it in and they will deal with it. There has been no complaints about it since. Notice the difference across the street to a complaint?




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