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New FREE App to manage all your Collections!

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Hi Guys,


Firstly, hope this is OK to post. As a collector myself, admittedly not of Coins, i'd like to introduce a new app my company (Tactile Solutions) have just released into the App Store!


At the moment, it is completely free with no In-App-Purchases or Ad's. Hence me drawing your attention to it now! All we ask if you could possibly leave a review on the app store, with any additional features you'd like to see! We're already working on integrating with social media and ebay etc - if there's a a way we can integrate directly into this forum i'd be happy to work on that too! (Admin's feel free to get in touch).


With 'My Collections Organiser' you can now simply scan a barcode of an item you have bought and store them into any category you want, all on your iOS device! The app will automatically identify your biggest and best categories and make it easy, quick and fun to browse through them!


In one app, you can keep a record of all your collections in an easy, manageable and convenient way.


The Main Features:


* Scans barcodes and retrieves the name of the items along with a photo (if available).


* Manual name entry if your item is not found on the database via barcode.


* Totally Unique, user definable categories. Items without barcodes? Not a problem! Add absolutely anything with our manual add function.


* Multi / Batch Scan - Got loads to scan? Scan them all at one time, put your feet up and let 'My Collections Organiser' do the work for you, looking up multiple item information and automatically adding them to your selected category.


* Store items into any category you wish and select a stored item to bring up a photo, the full item name and when the item was added to the category. You can create as many as you like, so go crazy!


* Lists & User Defined Information. Fed up of being restricted on what information you can store about your items? Now you can create your own fields, storing whatever information you want to.


* Instant Item Checker - In a shop? Can't remember if you've got that film or not? Don't take the risk! Scan the item and 'My Collections Organiser' will instantly tell you if that barcode is stored somewhere in your collection. Simple!


* iCloud sync, allowing you to keep track of your collections across all your iCloud-enabled devices.


* E-mail a CSV export of your collections to view on your computer or anywhere else that supports the CSV file format.


* Don't like E-mail? Directly access a CSV export of your collections simply by entering an address into the web browser!



My Collections Organiser app

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I am having trouble getting he bar code scanner to work


Hi there. What is the problem you are having? When you tap the scan button, you should get a normal camera interface. Hover your camera approximately 5 inches away from a barcode, the iphone camera should auto-focus at this point, and the camera will automatically dismiss. If you're using an older iDevice, if you shake the device then hover over a barcode, this will force a focus-like behaviour.


To the previous poster, this is not currently Android or Windows compatible however this is something i am looking to make happen in the near future!

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It will not scan the barcode on my NGC GSA dollars. Neither the barcode on the label of the coin itself or the barcode on the label of the protective plastic bag it is retuned in from NGC.

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It will not scan the barcode on my NGC GSA dollars. Neither the barcode on the label of the coin itself or the barcode on the label of the protective plastic bag it is retuned in from NGC.


Hmm. Ok. What device are you using, out of interest?


Is there an example of this barcode on the website somewhere?



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The app reads barcodes on somethings I tried. but I want it for coins and it will not read the barcodes on my NGC graded GSA's


Frustrating, but somewhat logical from my point of view as I doubt they're part of my public UPC database API.


Sorry, i'll see if there's anything i can do!

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