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NEWP - Silver Toned Copper! Feel free to post yours.

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Last week lasvegasteddy posted a thread ATS with a new eBay find of his and he subsequently slabbed it.

There was even a True View taken of the coin. He conveyed the best he could that the entire coin

was silver toned and had no CAM/DCAM look to it at all, like the TV showed.


About 2 years ago, I had seen a 1909 silver toned business strike posted by Broadstruck and I

thought it was pretty darn cool. Then a while later I saw a thread by Charmy where she displayed

some coins from her personal collection that included a 1942 silver toned business strike. In that

same thread she claimed the 1909 business strike from Broadstruck as well. Very cool!!! I have

recently bumped that thread ATS. I have also learned that there is a 1958-D in firm hands and that

Robec also has a silver toned cent in his album of amazingly toned cents.


Well, after a few PMs, super fast transaction and very pleasant interaction, I am the new owner of what

I consider to be quite the rare beauty. This took me to my next challenge, getting a photo of what the

coin looks like in hand. I tried and experimented quite a bit and figured out that bright lights at a very low

angle barely above the coin would be required. With the coin in a slab and not able to get really close to the coin,

me only having LEDs for the most part (likely needing Halogens), I came to realize that I had a challenge

on my hands.


In comes lasvegasteddy to the rescue!!! He contacted Phil at PCGS to see if there was an alternative shot

that was taken that better shows how the coin looks in hand. A quick reply later and we have our beautiful

result! Other images had been taken! Thanks to lasvegasteddy and of course Phil at PCGS!


I don't have a core collection anymore and this is certainly very different from what I have owned in the past

but I think I might need to locate a proper beautiful Gold Toned 1964 Proof Nickel, maybe a Copper Toned

silver 1964 Proof coin and then maybe 2 crazy rainbows for the other coins to complete the 1964 Proof Set.

No rush for sure, the tough one has been obtained. It's funny how different side collections/series can be



This coin is graded Proof 67 Brown by PCGS...and yet there are almost no brown/red/copper colors to be seen. :)

It is a Top Pop 2/0 in the BN category.


If you have Silver Toned Copper, please post in this thread so as to add to the fun!

Here is mine as it looks in hand!



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