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2013 Penny with bumps all over on both sides

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Sometimes the copper plating does not adhere well to the zinc core and you get a "bubbled" effect.


To expand on that sometimes the bubbles break which exposes the zinc that makes up the core of the modern cent. Many years ago I was looking to purchase a 1983 cent with the doubled die reverse. One of the pieces that was offered to me had a large broken bubble on the reverse. I could see that the zinc metal that was under it, was deteriorating. I wanted no part of that coin. I could see where one could put that piece in a flip, envelope or other holder and come back years later to see a pile of dust or half of a coin.


Zinc is a very unstable metal for coinage. It oxidizes far more rapidly then gold and silver or even copper. It is for that reason that a cent that is left outside for several months can quite literally disappear in less than a year's time.

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