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Please check out my latest Numismatic Gold Coin finds!

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Welcome to the forum.


That is a nice collection. I must say however, your handling of those coins is somewhat perplexing.


I posted the following comment on your video.


Your coin preservation techniques are somewhat perplexing. You don a set of gloves, only to slide the coins back and forth across the surface of the table? You had stated they were Mint State. If you continue with type of practice I can assure you they will not be MS for long, as they can only over look so much 'cabinet friction' before it becomes a slider.


Good luck on your continued collecting.




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He says they are all MS, some may be many are not.


As mentioned his handling of the coins is horrible. He mentions that his gloves are dirty (which would imply the possibility of dirt and grit embedded in their surface) and then proceeds to pick up a PROOF SA coin with a mintage of 2,000 pieces and proceeds to rub his fingers across the faces of the coin!


The one good thing about the video is that unlike a lot of amateur coin videos the camera was pretty steady. Usually they weave all over the place and are constantly going in and out of focus. However the bulk of the video when he is showing you the coins and talking about them the coins are not really visible. If he didn't have the individual pictures of each at the end you wouldn't have any idea what they looked like.


The initial three minute lead in was unneeded and the visuals were distracting. Audio on that section wasn't the best either.

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JKK, I don't follow you. I am an American working in Qatar. I buy coins every month when I can find them. I am interested in which coins you think are nice enough for me to sent to get graded. I do not understand your comment at all. I am not selling.. I am a collector.





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Wow Condor.. I am here. You can talk directly to me. The gloves are a little stained, but no dirt. Will get new ones. I re watched, not sure what the hell you are talking about, I did not rub. I did drag, and I did not even realize I did that. Won't do that again. By the way my parents just moved from Richmond Indiana to Maine. We used to make monthly 20 minute drives to Silvertowne. Thanks for checking out the video.


I have been collecting US constitutional silver since the early 70's and I will have to work on not being so clumsy...

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