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Help with a few old coins

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I'm not that into the coins from India, but some of the silver rupees can go for decent money.


The coin that is above and to the left of the dime is a Showa 42 100 yen, which equates to 1967. It's the first year of the design, and other than a change in Emperor and date, the design is used today.


An uncirculated one is the premium piece of the series, even with the rather large mintage (>400,000,000). From your shot it does appear like yours may qualify, but any wear reduces it, literally, to pocket change-depending on the exchange rate, a dollar or so. If it truly is uncirculated, it (according to the Japanese catalog anyway) could be a $10-15 coin. If it's gem, double that. I'm still trying to find a gem one.


Below and to the right of the dime is a West African States coin, one of the banking iterations. I'm pretty sure that is an obsolete one...though maybe not. NGC price guide has it under a dollar in value.


The dime of course is silver and has about $1.20 of silver. That one you probably knew though :D



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What a cool set of coins. I'd be tempted to make an offer if you don't want to keep them. I built my foreign collection on batches like that.


I agree with Stork about the silver rupees. Without looking them all up individually, the rupee is silver (though not always 90%, and with a few exceptions) through 1945. The half rupee is silver, same caveats, same timeframe. The melt on a Morgan dollar right now is about $13, and a Franklin half's melt is about $6, so you can very roughly estimate your metal value based on similarity in size to an Ike dollar or a Kennedy half. There are a couple of other small silvers in that batch as well.


Unless something is a rare date, most of the post-1940 non-silver stuff is of very minimal value, like less than $0.20 each. The pre-1920 copper and Cu/Ni in good condition would tend to be worth a little more, though unless rare, nothing to write home about. The UAE coin is a 50 fulus (singular, fils) and is from 1973 (the date is presented in both calendars, but written in the Arabic numeral -script).

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