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2007 Mongolia Gulo Gulo Coin $3000 ??? posted by Augustus

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I would like to start this set on the NGC Registry, but I am seeing the 2007 Mongolia coin typically selling for $1200 - $3000!!! Is this truly the price of this coin?


Does anyone have any experience with this set? It seems to be quite pricy! It may be worth it, if the price is stable or going up. $1200 - $3000 per coin? WOWOWOW





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Begin with the incorrect language "this flawless" and go down from there.....including the glass eyes.

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8 graded... Has to be farily unique [over there] Tugriks different ones made. Its the wolverine head showing diamond inscription.


NGC shows only up to 63 valued at $160, but no price on it. I have coins that have not gone to auction, therefore NGC has no price guide for it.


If you have one with the crystal in the eye, it may be a diamond. Could be great value like $300, and one for 2015 is $179.


Depending on what is on the coin, it could be more or less valuable depending upon how many want it.


It is a very specific market, for raw coins 2011 show $849, which is an owl. One has a hamster and so on,owls etc. So depending upon your market, The price is gonna be more with a pop 8. Not a whole bunch send in to be certified, so if we see a valuable coin, which we have raw, then more will come in. So to expect it to hold a high price. Mintage figures are considerable point. Some as low as 500 mintage.


Some may purchase as a piece of art.


I will repost if I can find a price. Should be later today.

Capt. Brian

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