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Thoughts on this Ebay seller, and his "proofs" and "DMPL's"....

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When you see a seller who is selling lets say a 1950 "proof" Franklin half, and you can clearly see without question that it is not a proof, but a circulation strike that has been buffed/polished to resemble a proof... (I see it as plain as day, but obviously many eyes don't, or they wouldn't be selling). Anyways, my point is, with a seller like this, having multiple 1950 franklin "proofs" or polished circ strikes, I personally cant help but assume that he is the one doing the polishing, and will continue to until it no longer pays off... Can anyone play devils advocate, and suggest maybe that he bought these as "proofs" and really truly believes they are "proofs"??? I don't want to be to cynical, or whatever. I also would like to report this seller, but not even sure if that is possible, because who the heck am I to suggest the 1950 Franklin proof he currently has up is not really a proof???


1950 Franklin "proof" being sold on Ebay.. ending tomorrow.


This seller only has the one coin being offered currently, but here is sellers completed listings.... several "proofs" and several "DMPL'"s... all polished circ. strikes IMO..


Sellers completed coin listings on Ebay.



IMO- this is equally as bad as the guys trying to pass of fakes.. is it worth reporting? does anyone know if Ebay will remove listings like this if people report it?

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What do you know, here is another one.... My opinion is that it is the same exact thing, in fact, maybe this seller bought this one from our first seller above and is trying to pass it off??? I don't know. What say you? proof? polished circ. strike? and is it something that should be reported to Ebay or left up to the buyers to know what they are buying?


1950 Franklin "proof"... or polished circ. strike being called a proof.

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