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Would a Precious Metals Category/Section Be Used By Anyone?

Would a Precious Metals Category/Section Be Used By Anyone?  

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  1. 1. Would a Precious Metals Category/Section Be Used By Anyone?

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No. This forum is already fractured into far too many under-used and unvisited sub-forums. Adding more would just make it worse.


The problem with sub-forums, especially when a board isn't that busy, is that every single sub-forum feels dead. You take away the vibrancy and life of a board. There are already too many sub-forums on here, we don't need more.


As for precious metals, I've got no problem discussing them. But I see maybe 2 or 3 threads about them every couple of weeks - and that is nowhere near enough to justify their own suggestion.


I sometimes see people suggest a photography sub-forum as well, and my opinion would be the same on that. Just keep them all in numismatic tangents.


In fact, and this may seem a radical opinion, but I really think the "Conservation," "Polls," "Hey Buddy can you Spare a Grade," and "What you Need to Know" sub-forums should all be collapsed back. Why were they ever broken out in the first place? They feel dead, and they make these boards feel dead.


Help restore some life into the boards, NGC!

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