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Heartbreaking Disappointment posted by Jackson

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I'll remember losing this one for a while.....


Over the years there have been about a half dozen times that I let a coin slip away that I really regret. One that always comes to mind is a 1934-D Walker that had a really full strike for the date. It had a complete separation of face/hair/hat as compared to the usual weakness and flatness in that area. On top of it, it also had a nice satiny luster and soft minty tone--still wish I had gone ahead and bid over book on that one. You see, the cost of the coin would have been long absorbed by now and the coin would still be in my set to enjoy as often as I wanted.


There was also an SLQ with such breathtaking toning and patina--although I don't collect the series I instantly was enamored. I bid quite healthy for this one. Although I did lose with my bid, that loss was not as bitter for 3 reasons. First, I don't collect the SLQ series and it would have been a type coin. Second is that I actually gave my best offer/bid and the coin was simply beyond my budget. Third was that my losing bid ended up being several increments away from winning so there was less sting as opposed to getting sniped with a last minute bid. I actually still have the picture of that SLQ in my coin photo file saved.


This latest loss will sting for quite a while for many reasons. First--it was the 1947-D Walker that I have been trying to upgrade to MS67 for a few years. It would be the final upgrade for my short set and I would be technically done with numerical upgrades ( there is always a chance for an eye-popping coin to replace an existing coin in my sets.) It also was at a reasonable price to start. The coin also had the look that I love.


I bid a healthy opening bid and it covered the reserve--I checked throughout the week 2 or 3 times and no other bids were placed...on the final day, I visited the website and bumped my bid $300 above my current high bid "for insurance." It appears that with less than 1 hour left someone outbid me, I did not find this out until after the auction closed...my prize was not to be.


Anyhow, I may not have "just missed" by one increment--it is possible that the other bidder may have been willing to go much higher for the coin and I couldn't afford the bidding war as my bid was pretty much max of what I can afford for any coin.


Here's the obverse picture of "the one that got away."..... I will keep hunting but for now, this one stings....


This recent loss



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Jackson----Really nice Walker. Lovely NT toning.


I guess we all have missed a few over the years. Some bother us more than others.


It "ALWAYS" seems that at least one other person will always bid with us---on a coin that is attractive.


Strange, but my worst being second was over a multi-colored gold pocket watch. It's been, on occasion, on my mind for over 16 years now. At the time, I bid too soon and they eventually caught up with my bid.


Your 47D Walker indeed had "THE LOOK". But, there will eventually be another at some point in time. As you say---keep looking. Bob [supertooth]

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If you look carefully, you might find that there are MS66 coins better in detail and marks than the one you lost.

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We all know this pain. I felt it last month in a Heritage auction where I went as high as I could go and was still outbid by a full increment. A week later I found a nicer looking (same grade though) example in someone's inventory and got it for about 10% less than my max bid at the previous week's auction. I did not hesitate.

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