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The Kennedy 2001 mint roll releases

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I just have a question, I have purchured ( Directly from the mint) a "D" and "P" rolls of the Kennedy 2001 half's...

Would it be worth my while to send them in to have them certified, and if feasible, what grades could I realistically expect?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Joe,


Of course without seeing the coins in hand it is impossible to say with certainty what your rolls of halves might have in them. I would however, venture to guess that they would be between MS64-66 quality with a possible few outliers(a 63 or 67 or two one way or the other.) My advice would be to find out if the original rolls would be worth the risk of breaking them out of the official mint wrappers versus what the value of gem certified Kennedy half dollars would be, either for profit or how they would fit into your collection. I'm not current on the Kennedy roll prices or what gem slabbed 2001's are going for, the members here in the U.S. Coin and Coin Tangent forums would probably be a great source for that information(and lots of other stuff too boo.gif )


I do want to add, that if you decide you are going to submit some of the Kennedy's, I would recommend pulling out the top few pieces of each roll to submit via modern tier.



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Andrew, I'm still new at the Boards. Is it okay if I respond to Joe's question? If so, here it is:


Joe, last fall I purchased a $100 bag from the mint. After giving them just a cursory inspection without a loupe, I selected 14 of the 2001-D to have graded by NGC. Here are those results: 2 - MS64, 5 - MS65, 5 - MS66, 1 - MS67 & 1 - MS68. I'm still unsure what the MS68 is worth, because I can't find any quote above MS67. I was quite happy with the results, and I plan to submit others. Thank you NGC!



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