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Eagle (the company) Coin Holders... thoughts?

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So... I collected coins years ago, at least as much as a teenager could afford to collect coins, and at some point I purchased some coin holders from Eagle...


Recently I've been getting back into collecting with a dual focus:

- 1917 silver from countries I have visited

- Russian Imperial gold and silver


Many of these coins are similar in size to a silver dollar, but I had no holders of this size and most have been sitting relatively unprotected. (With the exception of 1896-1917 5 roubles, I typically prefer to buy ungraded coins)


I was surprised to see that Eagle was still around as I figured it was just something I got sucked into as a kid because it looked neat, but since they are I was planning on getting a new binder and holders. As best I can tell the coins that I put in these holders 2 decades ago have held up well, but most of my collection from that time is pretty low grade and nothing of any significant value.


So I was wondering if anyone had an opinion about this company?

I know I don't like the cardboard 2x2's, but I'm really not sure what else I should be looking at.

Thanks in advance!


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I have used Eagle holders for my tokens and few coins for many years. I really like them for coins and tokens are the cent, nickel, quarter and half dollar sizes.

They are not as good from small coins and really thin pieces because the pieces tend to move around them.


The dollar size and $20 gold size holders don't have very much room around the edges for attaching labels. I have also had problems with coins and tokens that are unusually thick. It all depends upon what you are going to put in them.


I am not so sure that Eagle is going to be around much longer. I much prefer the white holders over the black ones, and in recent visits to the Eagle site, it is implied that most of the white holders have been sold out and will not be replaced. It seems to me that they are selling off their remaining inventory and are going out of business, but I might be wrong about that assumption.

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great, thank you!

I had the same issue with small/thin pieces like $0.03 silvers but found that the suggestion of using 3 (or 4) pieces of mylar usually solved the issue of having them slide around...


I also noticed the absence of the white holders but assumed it was just because they didn't sell well (I preferred the black)... Interesting thought that they may be gone soon. My collecting habits are pretty slow though, so I think I will go ahead and get a little stock of holders while I can.


I half-expected a rush of vitriol against the company and me for even posing the question, so even a moderately positive review certainly helps alleviate my fears.


Thanks again, and happy collecting!

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