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NGC, PCGS, CAC, large cents, half cents, seated halves for sale

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Hi Folks,

Every couple years I go through a rebalance for my collection and sell my duplicates and others when my collection interests change. I have 10 coins up for sale – 5 in NGC and 5 in PCGS holders, 5 CACed. I believe each of these to be fantastic for their grades as the images show below. Prices include Priority Mail and insurance, paying by check. 3% add for PP. Shipped when payment clears. 7 day return privilege, you pay return postage and insurance (notify me by PM before 7 days).


Note: for the large cents and half cents, if someone has provided me an EAC grade on purchase or otherwise, I list it and the grader name, followed by value according to Copper Quotes by Robinson (CQR, 20th edition, 2011).



1. 1825 Half-Cent, NGC AU58 CAC. Full cartwheel luster on both sides. No detracting marks, wholesome, rich surfaces. CAC has certified only 5 in this grade. EAC Choice AU50 (Valenziano), CQR=$900.










2. 1828 Half-Cent, 13 stars, C-3, NGC MS63 CAC. This is a frosty, lustrous and richly toned MS63. I had to pay a major premium on this major PQ for the grade coin. I encourage you to go to the web and look for a nicer one in 63 or 64. CAC has certified only 8 in this grade (all 1828 13 star varieties). EAC Choice MS63/62 (Reynolds), CQR=$1750 in MS60.










3. 1829 Half-Cent, C-1, NGC MS64. Die State 1 Manley, Scarce. Probably Breen State II. Bought this from Anaconda (Brandon Kelley) back in the day at an ANA show. Brandon sure knows how to pick them, the toning is amazing. Violet and olive accents enliven the mahogany and rosewood surfaces of this enticing representative. White streak below Star 9 on the obverse is on the slab, not the coin. Well-defined in the centers with a lively appearance and excellent eye appeal. EAC MS60 (Heritage). CQR=$1000 in MS60.










4. 1832 Half-Cent, C-3, PCGS MS64 CAC, OLD GREEN HOLDER. White streaks in images are on the slab, not the coin. OGH and CAC indicate just how nice this half cent is, it has everything going for it. CAC has certified only 9 in this grade. No EAC grade ever provided to me for this one. Two comparable CAC Brown PCGS 64’s sold at Heritage for $2000 (2012, OGH) and $3290 (2013).










5. 1817 Large Cent, N9, PCGS MS64. Awesome and wild wood grain on the obverse. Megaflash on both sides, no marks. No EAC grade ever provided to me for this one.










6. 1833 Large Cent, N5, PCGS MS64 Naftzger pedigree. Repunched 8, the so-called "Horned 8." Lustrous golden light brown and tan with traces of sea green overtone in protected areas of the reverse. No spots or stains. Nicely struck E-MDS. The repunched 8 feature is clear and the repunching on ICA is obvious. EAC grade of MS62 (McCawley). CQR=$950 in AU55 (highest grade listed), PCGS=$1750 in MS64.










7. 1837 Large Cent, N9, Head of 38, NGC MS64. Mega-flash, what you see in the images are die cracks, not scratches, one goes right through Ms. Liberties face and hair. Just a gorgeous copper. No EAC grade ever provided to me for this one. Priced at the low end of recent auction prices.










8. 1855 Large Cent, N9, Knob on Ear variety, NGC MS64, CAC. Stunning. CAC has certified only 2 Knob on Ear N9’s in this grade. Here is the pedigree: Ex. Rodney T. Grove; #574 Robert Nofal Collection; ex. Doug Bird 1981, #0772 Gary Ruttenberg sale, M&G Auctions, 8/11/1995. Two have been auctioned at Heritage this year realizing $1528 and $1762.










9. 1845-O Seated Liberty Half, FS-303 repunched date, PCGS AU53. Nice repunched date variety. Cherrypickers lists this variety in AU50 at $1800. Only 8 have been certified for this variety at PCGS including this one. Heritage auctioned an XF40 for $528 in 2013 giving some true valuation.










10. 1854-O Seated Liberty Half, PCGS AU55, CAC. CAC has certified 14 at this grade.















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