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Guess the grade (uncleaned!): Ancient Caligula & Augustus AR Denarius, 20mm

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Uncleaned - Ancient Caligula & Augustus AR Denarius, 20mm, 2.83gr, circa 10 AD


Albeit still uncleaned it has an almost completely clean surface.


I am told by someone much smarter than me: "The little glob by the eye is a crack in the dye which caused a small crease. The weak stars is due to not having the flan squarely in place when struck, leaving a weaker lower portion in that area."


Thank you!!!






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I am not an expert when it comes to grading ancient coins. The thing I would remind people here is that cleaning is not the big sin that it is with the coins that we collect. "Restoration" is sort of a give when these pieces.


As for grading these pieces, I go with AU on both although they virtually Mint State sharpness. The Augustus coin is poor struck which makes its grade look lower.

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Not to stir up a bunch of trouble but I'd be more inclined to be concerned about authenticity than grade. I'm not saying this is a forgery, because I don't know, but a quick google search of "Saxby Coins" wouldn't leave me feeling too great. The weight of the coin would also concern me a bit, since the theoretical weight should be closer to something like 3.7g And this issue has certainly been forged.


I am of course a neophyte collector and ignorant of Roman Coins and Roman History but how can this coin be stated by the seller as being ca. 10 AD when Caligula was Roman emperor (AD 37–41).


Just a few thoughts FWIW


( Sellers Auction )

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agreed and the weight is way off


so au details highly suspect as to being a genuine original coin but I hope I am incorrect!


I wish david vagi from ngc ancients would weigh in here..............................



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