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Help figuring out what something means ?1964-D DDR FS-801 (FS-025)?

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So I have been having a little fun auctioning off some silver quarters and dimes on ebay. I usually look at them for errors or oddities and check them against either http://www.coinstudy.com/old-coin-value.html or http://www.pcgs.com/prices/priceguidedetail.aspx?ms=1&pr=1&sp=1&c=112&title=washington+quarter to see if there is anything of value to be on the lookout for like an "In God We rust" or extra corn leaf.


Tonight looking at these 1964D Quarters I saw a reference to 1964-D DDR FS-801 (FS-025) and I swear it looks like a regular quarter to me. PCGS has records of auctions with them going for $100 in the high 50's or low 60's grades so I feel like I should at least know what it is even if by the time it is graded and shipped all around it isn't exactly a windfall waiting to happen. Just would be neat to know if I had one lol.


Google has failed me, what is a DDR FS-801 1964D and where should I have looked to figure it out?

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From the Cherrypickers Guide to Rare Die Varieties by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton.


FS-XXX is their listing number that tells about the coin in that guide


f for fivaz and s for stanton


DDR stands for double die reverse the reverse of the coin is a double die


remember some doubled dies are not too obvious unlike the the 1955 doubled die cent which is extremely obvious to even my friend who is almost blind and not A COLLECTOR and could care less knows about the 55 DDO CENT and can see it clearly without a glass!!


okie so some doubled dies are not too obvious and are sometimes at least for me hard to see without a strong glass and where to look unless you have studied and collect this for some years and know where to look


also see where it says FS-801 (FS-025) one is the old number and the other is the new number




hope this helps



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On the reverse, look for minute doubling of the LLAR of DOLLAR or ICA in AMERICA or both areas simultaneously.


You will no doubt need magnification to see the doubling, not very dramatic. They are a good cherry pick though, so good luck!


simultaneously...not a word I often utilize.

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