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A More Acceptable "Market Graded" (CC with pict)

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I find this a little more acceptable.

First thing I see when I look at his is a beat up coin.

My mind instantly says 62. I look a little closer, man those hits on the face are really severe. 4 reed ticks by the ear, several around the chin, a big scratch by the hair/neck area. Big dig by E*P. Look at that flat hair by the ear. I'm changing my mind to 61.99999. No wait a minute, the strike is sharp because I can see remnants of the > over the ear where the 2 lines make up the 3 strands of hair. Must be from stacking in the bag or a loose roll later. Luster is pretty good. If you get stranded on a deserted island you can flash passing ships with it. A 62 for sure but not that it matters because a dog is a dog and there's no big jump in price between the grades. My hard grade: 62.5/62.9 Got some really good color too. Blue at the top, green in the middle & plum at the bottom. Not thick, dark, & heavy like most bag tone and I don't have to twist & turn it or break out the special lights to see the colors. I'll go "soft" & admit the color is sorta attractive and pushes it over the line a little into 63 territory. I'll call it a 63.1.

NGC graded it MS63.

But wait! It's in a really old holder from back before everybody appreciated toned coins and the "market" went crazy.

Might even make 4 today.

But I'm keeping it just like it is because everybody I show it to says "That's really pretty for a 63!"


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