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Any Good Price Guides for German Coins?

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Is there a book or website that gives the prices of foreign coins (my main focus is Germany)? I use NGC's website but with buying and selling coins I can see these are not accurate numbers at all. Some coins sell much higher (consistantly) than what is listed with NGC and some sell consistantly lower than what is listed.


I know from speaking to dealers that they have weekly newsprint that shows the prices of American coins, at least it shows what they will buy the coin from you for. You have to subscribe to this service. I would like something like this for German coins. Anybody know some references, publications, or websites?

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I don't collect German coins but can still tell you the answer is "no" for the same reason I replied in another thread covering a similar question. The only prices that matter are what has actually been paid, not what some publisher or group of dealers make up.


The exceptions that might apply are these two:


For the lowest priced coins which are sold in coin shops and eBay, These are frequently (or usually) sold at the Krause price in the US and presumably at the local catalog price in Germany because collectors are willing to pay these prices.


For common generic US coins such as many Morgan dollars. My understanding is that these are bought and sold at or around Greysheet prices.


In South Africa, established dealers seem to also attempt to sell all Union and ZAR coins at the Hern catalog price since it is disproportionately far above actual market value. I have seen some of these coins listed on BidOrBuy (South Africa's eBay equivalent) for years. As an example, one dealer still has two 1933 2/6 in NGC XF-40 and XF-45 for sale at R45,000 and R47,000. The catalog price is probably R50,000 but the actual market value is less than R5000. One recently sold on eBay in a PCGS holder (not a particularly good coin) for all of $113 or about R1250. I suspect that if German dealers try to do the same thing in Germany, they will see the same result.

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