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1879 CC

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I'm really new here, just learning and invite constructive criticism :)


As more and more fake or counterfeits enter the market, it's increasingly difficult to trust or differentiate the good from the bad.

I came across this coin on ebay today (looking for a 79-cc) and at first glance questioned if it was the real deal.

Hesitating on the decision, the coin sold in an hour for $500 at BIN

Seller had less than 93%, no returns and hadn't sold coins previously.

Less than 99% is usually a flag, so there were a couple flags on this one.


What do you all think of this coin and in your opinion would it have graded XF?

Thank you!




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Hard to tell if its counterfeit - there are no immediate red flags on the coin itself in those pictures - but those are fairly low quality pictures and could be hiding a lot.


I will say though, the coin has been cleaned, and appears to have some serious scratches/damage on the reverse. I'd call it VF-30 details. At $500, this would have been a loosing deal for you, I think. Be glad you skipped it.

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Thanks for the feedback physicsfan, those are helpful comments.

Interestingly enough there was another coin on ebay that looked very similar to the one shown above.

After carefully examining the photos it turned out to be the exact same one only listed by another seller. I sent the seller a note asking if he actually had the coin in his possession because the same one pictured had sold previously that day. No response from the seller just a quick edit to the listing posting a picture of another coin.

So, there was obviously something going on that is questionable. Funny thing is the seller who listed the same coin has a 100%

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Unless it is a total price bargain, and you really need expertise AND a personal, live examination of the piece to determine that, I don't see why most collectors would consider buying an expensive raw coin these days. This is especially true since problem coins can now be certified as genuine with a sharpness grade.

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