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Latin Legends on Colonial Coins

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Well, I do read the "Red Book" and have found myself interested in learning about much of that that comes before "Half-Cents". For many entries the Latin Legends are not translated. In any case I've undertaken putting this together for myself and thought I might share what I've done so far. I am curious if there has been published a comprehensive list of translations?

Latin Legends

Auctori. Connec

(By the Authority of Connecticut)

1785 Connecticut Copper

auctori-connec_o.jpg auctori-connec_r.jpg

Auctori. Plebis

(By the Authority of the People)

1787 Auctori Plebis Token

auctori-plebis_o.jpg auctori-plebis_r.jpg

E Pluribus Unum

(Out of Many, One)

1787 Excelsior Copper

1787-Excesilor-copper-o.jpg 1787-Excesilor-copper-r.jpg

Immune/Immunis Columbia

(America free from tribute [tax])

1785 Immune Columbia Copper

immune-columbia_o.jpg immune-columbia_r.jpg

1787 Immunis Columbia Copper

immunis-columbia_o.jpg immunis-columbia_r.jpg

Inde Et Lib

(Independence and Liberty)

1788 Vermont Copper

inde-et-lib_o.jpg inde-et-lib_r.jpg

Inimica Tyrannis America

(America Opposed to Tyranny)

1785 Confederatio Copper

inimica-tyrannis_01.jpg inimica-tyrannis_02.jpg

Libertas Justitia

(Liberty Justice)

1783 Nova Constellatio Copper

libertas-justitia_o.jpg libertas-justitia_r.jpg

Libertas Et Justitia

(Liberty and Justice)

1785 Nova Constellatio Copper

libertas-et-justitia_o.jpg libertas-et-justitia_r.jpg

Nova Caesarea

(New Jersey)

1787 New Jersey Copper

nova_caesarea_o.jpg nova_caesarea_r.jpg

Nova Eboraca Columbia Excelsior

(New York and America: Ever upward)

1787 Brasher Doubloon

1787-Brasher-Doubloon-o.jpg 1787-Brasher-Doubloon-r.jpg

Rosa Americana Utile Dulci

(American Rose - Useful and Pleasant)

1723 Rosa Americana Twopence

rosa_americana_o.jpg rosa_americana_r.jpg

Voce Populi

(Voice of the People)

1760 Voce Populi

voce-populi_o.jpg voce-populi_r.jpg

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Interesting ...


I was not aware that "caesarea" in "Nova Caesarea" stood for "Jersey." I thought that it might have met "under a new government" or authority.


I am glad you cleared that up for me.

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