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Seller or Collector?

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In trying to define myself, I am not a collector. I came upon these coins through the death of my father. He owned a store for many, many years. I really don't want to go to a bank for fv of a coin if I could sell them for more than the fv. Collectors purchases MS and PF coins and keep them in albums.


1. Do they ever decide to sell them or do they just keep them for the sake of having a collection of coins?

2. Most people on this website are collectors and you compare and discuss rare coins, toned coins, or finds.

3. So far, I don't think I have anything valuable enough for collectors.

4. I do gain some information on what I have from collectors on this site and very good feedback.

5. I am thinking if I want to sell, I need to have my coins graded to sell.

6. Of course, if I went into a bank I will only get face value for my coins.

7. If I send the mutilated silver coins to the mint, I will only get fv for them.

8, what do I do with mutilated silver coins? Do I put them with the junk silver coins that I have and sell them to a dealer? I understand I can send the circulated coins that are not silver and send to the mint for fv.

9. I have 13 Kennedy's Bicentennial halves, three 1984, four 1973,five 1991, one 1986, one 1983, and 1D 1977. I have checked the dies and varieties that I can find . I have been told that those prices listed opposite coins are the retail value.

I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY SUGGESTIONS...ANY. putting them for sale on Ebay isn't much of a profit to me because ebay and paypal has to get their portion.

If anyone replies pls include the number of each sentence.


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1. some collectors sell coins often, some collectors never sell coins.


5. Having coins graded costs money. Only have coins graded if you can sell them for more than the cost of grading. In the case of Kennedy halves, your halves would need to be high-grade uncirculated coins to be worth grading. Since your father got them in his store, they are, by definition, circulated coins.


8. sell mutilated silver coins to a dealer for bullion value - silver bullion value is currently much more than face value. A mutilated silver coin is still silver.


9. you've described $14 worth of non-silver Kennedy halves - just spend or deposit these. It's just not worth your time to fuss over $14 worth of circulated Kennedy halves.

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